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Hands-On Franchises are business opportunities which require hands on skills in a variety of domestic and service businesses such as an electrician franchise, a handyman opportunity and domestic services options.

Some hands on franchises are management, where the franchisee recruits and manages staff who may be skilled in a certain trade, such as domestic services, electrician services, home improvement franchises.  The franchisor will usually offer training and support in skills development for both franchisee and staff.

Explore Hands-on franchises below, and request further information on starting your own hands on trade franchise, enjoying the freedom that comes with operating your own business with the assistance of an experienced franchisor.

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Photography for Little People FranchisePhotography for Little People

The Photography for Little People Franchise has low investment, low overheads, and high profits

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Hands-on Franchise Opportunities

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Hands-on Franchises - Papa John's Franchise

Papa John's
Hands-on Franchises: A Papa John's Franchise is a fantastic business opportunity particularly with home delivery being the fastest growing sector of the market

Hands-on Franchises - Mathnasium Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: Mathnasium is the world’s fastest growing children’s education franchise. Make money, make a difference

Hands-on Franchises - EweMove Sales and Lettings Franchise

EweMove Sales and Lettings
Hands-on Franchises: EweMove is the UK’s most trusted Estate Agent and multi award winning franchise

Hands-on Franchises - Countrywide Signs Franchise

Countrywide Signs
Hands-on Franchises: A Countrywide Signs franchise offers you the opportunity to own your own estate agent sign board business

Hands-on Franchises - Photography for Little People Franchise

Photography for Little People
Hands-on Franchises: The Photography for Little People Franchise has low investment, low overheads, and high profits

Hands-on Franchises - ColourWheel Art Class Franchise

ColourWheel Art Class
Hands-on Franchises: ColourWheel are now offering the right people the opportunity to run their own adult art class business

Hands-on Franchises - ChipsAway Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: The ChipsAway Franchise is the UK's leading and most successful automotive paintwork repair franchise

Hands-on Franchises - ComputerXplorers Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: ComputerXplorers is a home-based, management franchise delivering technology and computer-based classes to children from the ages of 3 to 13

Hands-on Franchises - Riverford Organic Franchise

Riverford Organic
Hands-on Franchises: The Riverford Organic franchise is the UK’s leading organic produce delivery company which has sustained year-on-year

Hands-on Franchises - Signs Express Franchise

Signs Express
Hands-on Franchises: Signs Express is looking for motivated entrepreneurs to take advantage of this thriving and lucrative B2B sector

Hands-on Franchises - Local Appliance Rentals

Local Appliance Rentals
Hands-on Franchises: Join a high-demand, low-overhead, high-profit industry at the perfect time. The world’s fastest-growing affordable hire franchise

Hands-on Franchises - Dream Doors Franchise

Dream Doors
Hands-on Franchises: Start a Dream Doors Franchise and succeed with a kitchen and bathroom door replacement showroom business

Hands-on Franchises - Eazi Apps Licence

Eazi Apps Licence
Hands-on Franchises: With an Eazi-Apps licence you will be involved with the fastest growth market in history with your own mobile app business

Hands-on Franchises - Dublcheck Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: Dublcheck is a leading franchised commercial cleaning organisation, with hundreds of highly successful franchises across the UK

Hands-on Franchises - CENTURY 21 Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: Become part of one of the world’s largest estate agency businesses with the CENTURY 21 franchise

Hands-on Franchises - Platinum Business Partners Franchise

Platinum Business Partners
Hands-on Franchises: Platinum Business Partners give you the confidence to build your business and create an income stream for your ideal lifestyle

Hands-on Franchises - Aspray Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: The Aspray franchise is a one stop insurance franchise shop for property insurance claims management and repair work

Hands-on Franchises - Surface Medic Franchise

Surface Medic
Hands-on Franchises: Surface Medic is a team of professional repair specialists who can repair almost any internal or external surface

Hands-on Franchises - Ripples Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: Ripples is one of the most respected bathroom retailers in the UK with over 25 years experience in designing bespoke bathrooms

Hands-on Franchises - Magicman Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: The Magicman franchise is the UK's specialist repair and restoration business

Hands-on Franchises - Business Partnership Franchise

Business Partnership
Hands-on Franchises: The Business Partnership is the UK’s leading business broker which offer a comprehensive franchise investment package

Hands-on Franchises - The Core Asset Franchise

The Core Asset
Hands-on Franchises: With The Core Asset Franchise you can earn a six-figure passive income with all your clients given to you!

Hands-on Franchises - SureCare Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: A SureCare Franchise is an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to invest in a business that offers excellent financial rewards

Hands-on Franchises - Bright & Beautiful Franchise

Bright & Beautiful
Hands-on Franchises: Join a multi-award winning Domestic Cleaning and House Keeping Franchise with Bright & Beautiful

Hands-on Franchises - Techclean Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: techclean franchisees have access to a number of income streams and is the UK's leading expert Specialist IT Equipment Cleaning Business

Hands-on Franchises - Mr. Electric Franchise

Mr. Electric
Hands-on Franchises: Mr. Electric is a world renowned residential and commercial electrical installation and repair company, with a global network

Hands-on Franchises - Premier Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: Premier is the market leader in sports coach franchising and they operate over 90 franchised areas throughout the UK

Hands-on Franchises - Oscar Pet Foods Franchise

Oscar Pet Foods
Hands-on Franchises: Oscar Pet Foods Franchise is one of the UK’s largest pet food home delivery franchise businesses

Hands-on Franchises - Avanti Tax Accountants Franchise

Avanti Tax Accountants
Hands-on Franchises: Avanti franchisees have the flexibility to choose how they wish to run their accountancy business, whether from home or from office premises

Hands-on Franchises - Ovenu Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: The Ovenu Franchise is the largest established oven valeting business throughout the world

Hands-on Franchises - Ovenclean Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: Ovenclean is the UK's leading professional domestic oven cleaning specialists

Hands-on Franchises - Wilkins Chimney Sweep Franchise

Wilkins Chimney Sweep
Hands-on Franchises: The Wilkins Chimney Sweep franchise model ticks the boxes for a sustainable, growing, profitable business

Hands-on Franchises - The Creation Station Franchise

The Creation Station
Hands-on Franchises: The Creation Station Franchise is the UK’s leading and most successful art & craft activities childrens franchise

Hands-on Franchises - Kidslingo Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: The Kidslingo Franchise is an award-winning children's languages business running the Frenchtastic & Spanishtastic programmes across the UK

Hands-on Franchises - MAD Academy Franchise

MAD Academy
Hands-on Franchises: MAD Academy Franchise is Britain’s most loved, funky music and dance classes available to pre-school children

Hands-on Franchises - Angela's Swim School Franchise

Angela's Swim School
Hands-on Franchises: Join Angela's Swim School, one of the fastest growing swimming franchise networks in the South East

Hands-on Franchises - Suit the City Franchise

Suit the City
Hands-on Franchises: There is genuine potential for multiple revenue streams with the Suit the City Franchise

Hands-on Franchises - Oven Wizards Franchise

Oven Wizards
Hands-on Franchises: Oven Wizards is the UK’s fastest growing oven cleaning franchise

Hands-on Franchises - Clothes Aid Franchise

Clothes Aid
Hands-on Franchises: Due to current expansion, Clothes Aid are seeking new franchisees across the UK to operate a profitable charity collection business within their local area

Hands-on Franchises - Scamps and Champs Franchise

Scamps and Champs
Hands-on Franchises: Scamps & Champs are a pet services company offering a friendly alternative to dog boarding kennels and catteries

Hands-on Franchises - Tumble Tots Franchise

Tumble Tots
Hands-on Franchises: Tumble Tots is the UK’s leader in children’s active physical play from 6 months to 7 years

Hands-on Franchises - Hometyre Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: With the Hometyre franchise you can grow your mobile tyre fitting service with potential to run a multi-van operation over time

Hands-on Franchises - Bibble&Bubble Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: Bibble&Bubble is now in a position to offer exciting baby yoga business opportunities as part of their expansion

Hands-on Franchises - Artful Toddler Franchise

Artful Toddler
Hands-on Franchises: Artful Toddler is a unique, structured craft franchise focusing on the social and physical development of children

Hands-on Franchises - Daisy First Aid Franchise

Daisy First Aid
Hands-on Franchises: Daisy First Aid franchisees provide family first aid training in the comfort of your own home or in designated venues throughout the UK

Hands-on Franchises - Kiddy Cook Franchise

Kiddy Cook
Hands-on Franchises: Kiddy Cook is the first and most successful children's cooking franchise in the UK

Hands-on Franchises - Tasty Tubs Franchise

Tasty Tubs
Hands-on Franchises: Tasty Tubs are an exciting new concept in the confectionery business supplying direct to over 1,500 independent retailers

Hands-on Franchises - Mother Nature Science Franchise

Mother Nature Science
Hands-on Franchises: Mother Nature Science have now released counties across the UK and all major international cities for franchise development!

Hands-on Franchises - FiltaFry Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: The FiltaFry Franchise gives you the opportunity to run a successful total fryer management service from home

Hands-on Franchises - Ambience Venue Styling

Ambience Venue Styling
Hands-on Franchises: Ambience Venue Styling offers the opportunity for enthusiastic and creative people to start their own low risk wedding decorating business

Hands-on Franchises - PetStay Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: The PetStay Franchise is a rapidly expanding dog boarding business with 34 branches throughout the UK

Hands-on Franchises - Turtle Tots

Turtle Tots
Hands-on Franchises: Turtle Tots is the UK’s most exciting and fastest growing baby and toddler swimming company

Hands-on Franchises - Spaghetti Maths Franchise

Spaghetti Maths
Hands-on Franchises: The Spaghetti Maths Franchise is a brilliant Maths Tuition Business opportunity with great financial earning potential

Hands-on Franchises - AlphaBake Cookery

AlphaBake Cookery
Hands-on Franchises: AlphaBake Cookery is an exciting new cookery workshop franchise opportunity that is looking to expand across the uk

Hands-on Franchises - Hire A Hubby Franchise

Hire A Hubby
Hands-on Franchises: Join the UK's fastest growing DIY/property maintenance franchise and enjoy the flexibiliity of being either home-based or van-based

Hands-on Franchises - Cook Stars Franchise

Cook Stars
Hands-on Franchises: Cook Stars is an award winning children’s cooking class and party franchise with multiple income streams

Hands-on Franchises - Clear Brew Franchise

Clear Brew
Hands-on Franchises: Clear Brew offers a home-based opportunity that provides franchisees with high profit margins and massive growth potential

Hands-on Franchises - MamaBabyBliss Franchise

Hands-on Franchises: MamaBabyBliss is the only company in the UK to offer a range of award-winning services and products dedicated to pregnancy, new mothers and babies

Hands-on Franchises - Mummies Club Franchise

Mummies Club
Hands-on Franchises: Mummies Club is the UK’s most exciting home-based franchise specialising in local family orientated marketing and events

Hands-on Franchises - Razzamataz Theatre Schools Franchise

Razzamataz Theatre Schools
Hands-on Franchises: Razzamataz is a children's dance and drama franchise that provide classes for young people with an interest in dance, singing and theatrical skills!

Hands-on Franchises - Tailor Maid Franchise

Tailor Maid
Hands-on Franchises: The Tailor Maid Franchise is a home-based domestic cleaning business which is perfect if you are looking to fit work around family commitments

Hands-on Franchises - The Pest Company Franchise

The Pest Company
Hands-on Franchises: Run your own lucrative pest control business with The Pest Company franchise

Hands-on Franchises - the build it workshop Franchise

the build it workshop
Hands-on Franchises: the build it workshop franchise is a fun, exciting and unique business opportunity

Hands-on Franchises - My Best Friend Franchise

My Best Friend
Hands-on Franchises: The My Best Friend Franchise offers a business with a proven business model and fantastic reputation

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