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Introducing Paul Dorning From Surface Medic

30th May 2017

Paul Dorning started his Surface Medic franchise as he wanted to take back control over his work/life balance and spend more time with his family.

After spending the last fifteen years travelling around the world as a geological engineer with most of his time being spent away from his family, friends and country, Paul decided he wanted to take back control over his work/life balance and spend more time with his family. It was time for a change!

Surface Medic - Paul DorningPaul knew he wanted to spend more time with his family but he still wanted to be successful in his own career path and progression. After doing some research Paul decided that a franchise business model would something that could give him what he's looking for.

"I looked at franchising as my most likely path to success, I knew I was willing to work hard but I also wanted to be at home with my family in the evenings and weekends giving me the relationship with my familythat I was looking for."

Finding The Right Franchise

Paul set out to research which franchise would best suit both his interests and his needs. He knew from the start that he wanted to work with his hands, he'd always been a handyman and he was confident in the logical and practical application of his skills.

During his search, he came across franchises that could be run from home using a van that was equipped with the tools needed to carry out the job. This hit home with Paul immediately and he knew this was the type of franchise he'd been looking for. It was here that he came across Surface Medic.

"When I met Surface Medic and saw with my own eyes the amazing before and after samples along with the brilliant products and techniques allowing franchisees to repair virtually any hard surface, I was hooked.

The best part of the business is just how cost effective it is, clients are savings thousands of pounds on repairing, rather than replacing."

Leaving employment is a big leap for anyone, no matter the circumstances, Which is why Surface Medic offer all potential franchisees the opportunity to visit their training centre, HQ operations, as well see a technician working on-site and speak to existing franchisees. This gives anyone who's interested in Surface Medic a chance to gain real insight into their business and it allows them to make sure that they can find people who will fit into the Surface Medic family.

"I've been a franchise owner for such a short time, but my initial concern was always being able to pay the bills in the early days.

However, I've received tremendous support from the management team, who have a very hands-on approach. Gary Nicholls, the Surface Medic Training Director really is a pioneer when it comes to surface repairs, I was blown away by the technologies and techniques of the training team. Even though I'd say that the training was intense, I' enjoyed every day of it."

We asked Paul how he genuinely felt about the Surface Medic franchise now that he was up and running!

"Compared to my previous lifestyle, I feel so much happier. I feel as though I've got much more control over my life. I can choose how busy I want to be, and I actually look forward to working. I've got a lot more value and belief in myself because I've now got a proper set of skills and equipment that separate me from everyone else.

From a lifestyle perspective, it's changed my life completely. Now I can be a part of my family’s life on a daily basis and be there for them when they need me. The freedom of being my own boss, working outdoors, enjoying the weather all whilst doing something I genuinely feel I'm good at is amazing."

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