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Simon Wilson Updates us on his Tasty Tubs Business

26th May 2017

Tasty Tubs' first franchisee, Simon Wilson, talks to about how it’s been since he started.

Tasty Tubs' first franchisee, Simon Wilson, talks about how it’s been since starting:

Tasty Tubs - Simon WilsonSo, starting off, last year you finished talking to us with the sentence “I know that my business will go from strength to strength in the coming months and years.”...

Has this come true, what have been your biggest successes?

"The years been great, there has been some problems along the way but that’s only natural and the support Steve and Tasty Tubs have given has continued to be excellent – really helping overcome any obstacles quickly and efficiently.

What has really made a difference is an upgrade of the software I was using, it’s really made it easier to serve more customers in a day and certainly has supported the organisational aspects of my business. It really is an excellent system!"

So you say the support has been exceptional, could you give us some examples of this?

"Well obviously in this kind of business it can be hard to break into certain areas and Steve has really helped with that. Taking the time to tele-canvas areas in which I had not had much luck in, this really helped boost my sales and exposure.

The teams also great at listening to any concerns I may have (for example the price of some products) and then directly acts on this. Often speaking to the suppliers directly to work a better price or even better products themselves."

So it sounds like good communication has really profited you… Has this been then defining factor in recent growth or are there other elements to consider?

"It has been a big factor yes, but there are many different aspects to consider. Steve has always had a great eye for picking excellent products which probably stems from his background in retail. We won’t sell anything we don’t believe to be quality and I think our customers see that and respond well.

Also, the addition of promotional packages such as 'back to school' and 'Price Busters' has really given me the edge over the competition – even beating most London Cash & Carry’s! The ability to have top quality products at low prices really benefits in generating awareness among retailers by giving them better margins.

I don’t know think there’s much else to say, I’m really excited to continue growing and see where it takes me."

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