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The Keepsake Co Special Feature
If you dream about getting away from the 9-5 rat race, having more security and earning more per hour than most office jobs then you really need to think about starting your own creative home based business with The Keepsake Co.
Franchise Information
  • BFA Membership Status-
  • UK Years Established10 years
  • Current UK Coverage10%
  • Franchisee Support Staff4
  • Personal Investment Req.£4,997 approx
  • Total Startup Cost£4,997 approx
  • Home-based business locationYes
  • Business to consumer servicesYes
  • Franchisee operates individuallyYes
Next Steps

Desperate to start your own business and yet are fearful to take that step?

Having run a Creative Business, the Keepsake Co, for 16 years, and supporting people to start their own for over ten of those,  I am often chatting to women who are desperate to start their own business and yet are fearful to take that step. It is like jumping off a ledge and they have so much fear attached.How to start up your own franchise | The Keepsake Co

What if they fail?

What if they don’t know what to do?

What if no-one buys?

What if they can not make the products?

Unfortunately there are never any guarantees and yet I do have the benefit of all these years on the other side which, I thought I would share with you here as you consider taking the incredible step towards running your own business and potentially buying a franchise in your chosen field.

The ONLY way to know whether something will work out is to try it. To give it your best shot and to keep trying until you start to see success. This is the closest thing to a guarantee you will ever find.

How can you fail if you never give up?

But if you never try then failure in your dream is guaranteed.

If customers are buying from someonelse then why not buy from you? A great quote I live by is that "if it is possible for them then it is possible for me."

How to start up your own franchise | The Keepsake CoIt is a far more secure way of earning a living than employment as I speak to people each week which have gone through redundancy. Often without warning leaving them in a very vulnerable place.

When it is your business then you can see quickly when something needs tweaking to take it back on track and you can move in an instant. Something which the larger companies simply can not do and hence why they are having to make people redundant at an alarming rate.

When it is YOUR business no one can replace you. Your future is very much in your hands and your hands only.  As a small business you can be flexible to move with the times making your income so much more solid than replying on someone else.

It is about making an absolute decision that you chose a different way of life. You need to commit in that moment to make it happen and you won’t stop until you do.

Each and every insanely successful business owner started exactly where you are now. Looking into the unknown but they took the step. They were probably just as fearful but they took the jump anyway. They will have experienced as many lows as they have highs but it never puts them off. 

You never get to see the struggle that almost all successful people will have had to endure to succeed and yet I am sure if you asked them if they would do it again they would say yes in a heart beat. Myself included.

How to start up your own franchise | The Keepsake CoYou see when you start your own business it is not all about the money you will earn but it is the freedom which we all seek. The chance to live life on your terms and the opportunity to create a future which excites you. It is a way of life where you answer to no-one and have more security than ever before.

But don’t start your own business expecting it to be easy. Nothing in life worth having ever is. But I can tell you after all these years that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So if you keep looking at the franchise which has caught your attention and can’t stop thinking about it then give it another look and ask you what is stopping you.

If it is fear, and fear alone, then look it in the eye as all successful entrepreneurs have before you and decide in this moment that you deserve to live that life you are dreaming off and it all starts with one brave decision. The decision to start.

The Keepsake Co:

If you have dreamt of running a Creative Business then The Keepsake Co. can help you paint your dream into a reality by our carefully thoughtout business start up incubator. You can pull through many different creative disciplines to start a business which is right for you.

We help you to create a business under your own brand name so you are always in control and can feel a real sense of achievement as you watch your brand and business grow into something incredible.How to start up your own franchise | The Keepsake Co

Find out more about the Keepsake Co. Click the button below now!

I run a business which has allowed me to take time out without too much stressI run a business which has allowed me to take time out without too much stress

Hear from Founder of The Keepsake Co, Victoria Casebourne as she talks about her love for creativity and her successful Keepsake Business.

10 Reasons Why YOU Should Consider Starting A Keepsake Business.10 Reasons Why YOU Should Consider Starting A Keepsake Business.

This is no longer about being sat at an office desk between the hours of 9-5. This is about shaping your new future, one which excites you and one which you will never grow bored of.

Business Tips from The Keepsake Co MembersBusiness Tips from The Keepsake Co Members

The Keepsake Co asked their members what their number one tip would be for those thinking of starting their own business.

The Keepsake Co explain what makes them a great business opportunityThe Keepsake Co explain what makes them a great business opportunity

With an average of 3 new business start-ups each month The Keepsake Co offer amazing support, from the very beginning, and will be there to help you grow and expand your business further down the line.

The Keepsake Co Franchisee TestimonialThe Keepsake Co Franchisee Testimonial

Read below for a fantastic testimonial from a Keepsake Co franchisee

What Our Franchisees Say

I have found amazing support and advice through the Keepsake Company. Everyone is very accessible, from head office to the members who I have regular contact with through our members only Facebook group. The support is amazing in all the different areas training and mentoring – of social media, training on products, new projects, growing your business and the excellent Mastermind calls we have.Laura, Two Green Lane

Victoria is such a brilliant tutor. She takes things at your pace, is full of encouragement and really makes you feel as though you can do anything! I came away from my first session with her and knew that this was going to be an exciting adventure. I worked from home for a couple of years before opening my shop just under 4 years ago.Ceri. Lollipops & Ladybirds

From the moment I made contact with The Keepsake Co and to this day I have felt like a valued member of the team. All my questions and concerns are always dealt with in the most professional way. It took me a while to decide on the package I felt was right for me and at no time did I feel under any pressure to commit.Angela, Lemonlily Keepsakes

Why Choose Us

Phenomenal peer-lead community support

High income potential with low overheads and flexible working hours

Build a business owned by you with no on-going fees

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