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Magikats Report Big Increase in Children Receiving Private Tuition

13th November 2017

A survey by the Sutton Trust reports that 25% of state educated 11 to 16 years in the UK receive private tuition.
Magikats Report Big Increase in Children Receiving Private Tuition

MagiKats Principal Emma Lomas

According to a survey carried out by the Sutton Trust in September 2016, 25% of state educated 11 to 16 years in the UK receive private tuition, with the number much higher in London. This represents a massive increase on 2015 figures when it was only 10%. And it’s not just 11 to 16 year olds. Private tuition for all ages from 5 to 18 is also on the increase.

The increase is likely to be a response to recent changes to the curriculum with a return to emphasis on exams, cuts to school budgets and growing class room numbers. But whatever the reasons, it illustrates the pressure which school children of all ages are now under. And the situation in MagiKats Tuition Centres across the UK is certainly no different.

Emma Lomas, Principal at the MagiKats Tuition Centres in Guildford and Cobham explains her experience both last year and this:
"Last year was unprecedented in the number of enquiries we had and children we helped. There’s a huge amount of pressure on children but they’re clearly not all getting the support they need and many of them struggle to keep up in school with core subjects. So naturally parents are seeking help elsewhere and already this year, our places are being snapped up faster than ever.

One of the advantages of the MagiKats English and maths tuition is that, it’s much more affordable than individual tuition and we work alongside the curriculum so the children get help with what they need help with and what they’re working on at school.

Without a shadow of doubt, our tuition makes a big difference to the children we help. Their work improves, their confidence soars and it has an all-round beneficial effect on their attitude to school."

The MagiKats maths and English tuition is by of workshops where every individual is working at their own level and on their own materials, all with the consistent aim of boosting their school work.

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