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Introducing Lynda Pierson From MamaBabyBliss

9th November 2017

My Journey with MamaBabyBliss by Lynda Pierson.

My Journey with MamaBabyBliss by Lynda Pierson – MamaBabyBliss Teacher

"I used to work in in the corporate world for an insurance broker in London and it was never really something that I’d planned to do, I just happened to ‘fall into’ it straight from school. I always hoped that one day I would find a career that I really felt passionate about.

MamaBabyBliss - Lynda PiersonWell that day came shortly after my son Henry was born in 2012 when I went along to a MamaBabyBliss Baby Massage class. Henry had been suffering terribly from reflux and colic and I too was struggling to cope as a new mummy, in fact I didn’t know it at the time but I was later diagnosed with Post Natal Depression. The Baby Massage helped both Henry and me in so many more ways than I could have possibly imagined and were an absolute lifeline for me at the time. So much so that we went on to do Baby Yoga, which again enhanced both Henry’s wellbeing and mine in the most beautiful way.

It was at that point in my life when I made the decision to do something with my life that could make a real difference and I chose to become a MamaBabyBliss teacher. I knew this would enable me to have a job that I loved and felt passionate about whilst at the same time helping to pass on this truly wonderful gift to other mums and babies out there in the same situation as Henry and I were.

I started my MamaBabyBliss training in March 2013 whilst still on maternity leave with Henry and was due to go back to working in the city part time in July that year.

Whilst still working in the corporate world and raising my 1 year old boy, I started teaching my first Baby Massage and Baby Yoga courses in September 2013 and then went on to train in PregnancyBliss and ToddlerBliss. The training and ongoing support I received from everyone in the MamaBabyBliss team was unbelievably amazing and I couldn’t have made this shift in my career without them.

In 2014, I fell pregnant with my second baby and still continued to teach pregnancy and baby classes and still continued with my training. When my daughter Mila was born in October 2014, I had the opportunity to take some maternity leave from MamaBabyBliss to ‘just be’ a mummy and be with both my babies. While being part of such a supportive team, I was still given all the support I needed during that time and more! I loved it because I was actually able to apply all the skills I’d learned from my training to my new baby, my toddler AND myself!!!

I was lucky enough that I was made redundant from my corporate job in 2016. Yes I say lucky because it gave me the ‘kick up the backside’ I needed to take my MamaBabyBliss teaching journey to a whole new level. And I was able to focus on my business 100%. This was going to be mine and my family’s future and I was certain it would work as a full time career…. And IT HAS!

So here I am, 4 years on, a mummy to two gorgeous children, now married, moved home, no longer working in a lifeless job and now doing something which I absolutely love! AND something which is flexible around my family and other commitments. I can still be there for school runs and school holidays, being with my family when they need me most and at the same time run a successful business, teaching the entire MamaBabyBliss curriculum. I teach classes from pregnancy to toddler age, spreading the Bliss to all those mums and little ones out there who so deserve the support and nurturing that we as MamaBabyBliss teachers are able to give them.

It sure beats working in a stuffy office any day.  For this reason and all of the above, I have never ever looked back nor regretted my decision to join the MamaBabyBliss team to spread the message of wellbeing to mummies, babies and toddlers across the country. Best ‘job’ in the world!"

Quote from my husband Mark:

"I remember when Lynda came home with Henry after their first baby massage class. Something had changed. She didn’t stop talking about how much better she felt and how there must be other mums out there who felt the way she did. I could see first hand how these classes had given her confidence and it helped both of us become better parents.

I absolutely supported Lynda in her journey to become a MamaBabyBliss teacher. The business works around our family and Lynda is able to do the school run every day, which we feel is a very important time to spend with your children.

But, just as important is the way she talks about the mums in her classes. She has experienced what they are going through and to her the most satisfying part of MBB is the help and support she can give. This is what I like best."

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