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From Mentor to Franchise Owner of MagiKats East Grinstead

20th November 2017

International mentor, Louisa Whittaker, returns to her hometown to open MagiKats in East Grinstead.

At MagiKats it is important that every new franchise is a successful operation, and they are especially thrilled to see one of their mentors inspired to open their own franchise.

MagiKats - Louisa WhittakerIt’s often a dream to make a difference in the place you grew up. In this global world, a journey out there to see new places can make a person realise we are all after the same things. Better education, better life choices, better chances.

MagiKats already had the attention of Louisa Whittaker, who responded to an advertisement for an English teacher when she was living in Dubai:
"I ended up working as a mentor in a brand new franchise out there, helping to set it up, and then teaching the British Curriculum to international students. What impressed me the most about the brand was the way the programme focused on individual student needs, covering the curriculum but also building core skills."

From Mentor to Franchise Owner of MagiKats East Grinstead

Louisa first lived in East Grinstead as a child and recently returned from the Middle East so her daughter could complete her education back in the UK. As an experienced English teacher, MagiKats mentor and mum of three Louisa hopes to use her experiences from MagiKats Dubai to 'hit the ground running' by launching the first MagiKats centre in the area.

MagiKats is a family run business which appeals to Louisa:
"As my family will be involved in the running of MagiKats East Grinstead. As a mentor, the results I’ve seen in Dubai, and the positive impact on the lives of the students inspired me to start up in the U.K."

Why East Grinstead?

Louisa tells us:
"I’ve been away from East Grinstead for a while, and now having my youngest daughter in the local school system helps me understand the pressure on working parents and teachers. The new SATS and GCSE requirements makes after school maths and English programmes with MagiKats a great fit for the area."

How Successful is MagiKats for Students?

Louisa feels MagiKats:
"Fills a need for so many students who are currently a bit lost or under pressure to perform. MagiKats is a fun and friendly place where we learn in a relaxed, multi-sensory way. Children work in small groups and are encouraged to be at the heart of all we do and learn. They own the process. This is what makes MagiKats super-special."

Why Should Parents Trust MagiKats with their Child’s Education?

MagiKats is a franchise network offering English and maths programme tuition. In the U.K. there are 25 locations, with several more in the pipeline, meaning 'this star is definitely on the rise'.

Louisa says:
"Each child benefits from an individual learning programme which, if adhered to, will ultimately provide them with all the tools they need to succeed."

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MagiKats Maths and English Tutoring Franchise

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Gain great satisfaction from making a visible difference to the children in your community, by helping them achieve their potential and grow in confidence

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I only have to work approximately 20 hours a week with my centre and I'm earning a great full-time salary. The MagiKats HQ staff are really active and always ready to help, motivate and support you when required. That’s all you need to be honest.

Iftikhar Hussain, MagiKats Franchisee in Edinburgh

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