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A Scottish pioneer – rushed off his feet!

6th October 2015

Iftikhar Hussain has started the first MagiKats Maths and English tutoring franchise in Scotland.

When Iftikhar Hussain approached MagiKats HQ about starting the first MagiKats Maths and English tutoring franchise in Scotland, he could not have anticipated the busy couple of years that would lie ahead.

Magikats - Iftikhar HussainAt only 24, Iftikhar was a graduate, already with several years’ experience working in the tuition industry already under his belt and management training from a local car hire company. However, although a management career was on the cards for Iftikhar, it was to be in the education industry and not in the motor industry!

Combining his experience to date was an obvious career choice for Iftikhar. When asked why he chose to open a MagiKats centre, he explained:
"The MagiKats approach to helping students is more effective than other systems as homework is prepared to every student’s individual needs, so improving their core skills. The work done in the centre has also been created to help each individual student succeed as they study the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence."

Only just over a year after launching the first Scottish MagiKats Tuition Centre in the east of Edinburgh, Iftikhar found himself engaged and was married soon after celebrating his first year with MagiKats. Amongst all the wedding plans and planning for the future with his wife, Iftikhar was still able to keep his centre growing.

"Outside of MagiKats, I enjoy watching football and tennis, socialising with my friends and family or even travelling. Running my own centre allows me plenty of time to enjoy my life while gaining the satisfaction of helping young students." Iftikhar said that this was the best thing about running a MagiKats Tuition Centre. "You have sooooo much time to yourself and live an enjoyable life whilst running your own centre. The flexibility is great!"

Iftikhar went on to explain his regular tasks with MagiKats:
"My week involves answering all enquiries as well as preparing class work and homework for the students. I spend two days a week doing some type of marketing, be it online or with local magazines. Altogether, I work on MagiKats for about 24 hours per week."

He also supports his wider family with their business interests – so he is a busy man!

Sarah Marsh, Director of Operations at MagiKats HQ, went on to explain:
"Iftikhar has set up his Tuition Centre to support his lifestyle and this is something we are happy for our franchisees to do. Some work part-time like Iftikhar, others work full time and some work even fewer hours. We encourage every franchisee to communicate their goals to us and we then all work together to achieve them."

Iftikhar does not plan to stop with just one MagiKats Tuition Centre in Edinburgh. He is already planning a second location and would love some fellow franchisees to set up in other parts of Edinburgh and Scotland.

Sarah Marsh would be happy to speak to anyone interested in launching a MagiKats centre in their area, anywhere in the UK!

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