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A Day In The Life of Graham Allen with FiltaFry Plus

21st January 2014

Graham Allen has been a FiltaFry Plus owner for six years and is successful in the nationwide network covering the Brighton territory.

Graham Allen has been a FiltaFry Plus franchise owner for six years and is a successful franchise owner in the nationwide network covering the Brighton territory.

FiltaFry Plus - Graham Allen6.00-9.00am

I tend to start my day nice and early to feel relaxed and prepared for my day ahead, plan my road route and the customers I need to see in each area. I call them my 'hot spot' areas, as I may need to call on other customers at short notice.

All of my work is on a rolling schedule so my work is planned six to eight weeks in advance. I first arrive at a Sixth Form College. I plan to see them at least twice a week, on a Monday and Thursday to filter and change their cooking oil, along with taking their waste oil away. I like to collect as much oil as possible from my customers as its in such high demand in the bio diesel industry and is a great added bonus to us franchise owners to provide this service as an extra to our customers.


On completion of my first job, I quickly move onto my second at a private hospital to filter and change the oil in their kitchens. This type of customer needs a weekly visit and if I am on a similar route later in the week I may pop and see them again to make sure everything is running smoothly.

It's important to maintain a good relationship with your customers. When I visit them, it's not always just about the job; I may have a cup of coffee and a general chat. It makes them feel at ease and they build trust in the service I'm providing as they know me.

It is so important to build that trust as often when they ask you to order fresh oil, they want you to recommend what they should buy. You are their oil expert for their business. They buy oil from us at a very competitive rate and I am always happy to do this as I know what I am working with.


Before my next appointment, on lunch I may do some administration; keep a tally of what I have done that day and it's also important to keep a track of invoicing.


I visit a hospice that's catering for around 50 people later and they often require extra services such as knife sharpening. I always ask the Head Chef when I visit here and today this was required. My customers love the fact that this can be done on-site, on demand and very quickly with FiltaFry, unlike other service providers where they may have to wait several weeks to get their knives back.


My last job of the day is the largest with an Independent school, taking around an hour and 45 minutes. The school caters for approximately 800-900 people.

I took their waste oil away which was a great added bonus to the end of the year. These extra services can make £1,000 alone! I discussed with the customer when the service would recommence and we scheduled for later in the year.

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