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IFG Franchise
Financial Services Business

IFG  Franchise | Financial Services Business

IFG  Franchise | Financial Services Business

The Interface Financial Group (IFG) were formed in 1972 and they are the market leaders in the Invoice Finance & Invoice Discount industry. IFG clients are generally emerging SMEs local to the franchisee….and are met by, and their invoices assessed by, friendly, approachable and professional franchisees conducting ‘on site’ meetings.

The IFG Franchise:

IFG have over 100 franchisees worldwide. They provide immediate, short term, emergency finance to their business clients by buying their specific invoices which have been issued to their own business clients. By using IFG, businesses can opt to ‘cash in’ their invoices and receive immediate payment – rather than wait & wait (and wait!) for their own customer to pay.

The Benefits:

  • IFG will train you to build a respected, profitable, professional financial services business derived from a substantial portfolio of ‘B2B’ clients who have been referred to you
  • Prospective franchisees tap into a 44-year company heritage and a business model that has weathered – and prospered – in both ‘boom & bust’ economic conditions
  • A very clear, open and transparent internal structure. Plus, IFG offer complete confidence in their business by co-investing with you on every single invoice transaction
  • It's a rewarding – intellectually and financially – business opportunity with working hours that genuinely provides scope for additional business interests and a work/life balance

IFG  Franchise | Financial Services BusinessThe Single Invoice Finance marketplace (in which IFG operate) is part of the factoring financial services family. IFG operate worldwide, their HQ being in the USA. However the UK has the most sophisticated & detailed factoring sector in the world. There are so many streams, products & derivatives when compared with other nations that the UK factoring economy even outweighs – by some distance – the USA factoring marketplace.

IFG franchised offices are an integral part of the local small business community and an absolutely essential part of an Invoice Finance company. Without a local office to inspect clients a reputable, sustainable Invoice Financier cannot carry out the necessary on-site due diligence.

The role of a franchisee is therefore split into two equally important parts:

Firstly, IFG franchisees build a rapport with corporate finance brokers, the high street banks, accountants, factoring firms and asset based lenders. In fact, franchisees strike alliances with all sorts of financial services professionals. It's a very much networking and sales based role.

IFG  Franchise | Financial Services BusinessThe end result is for franchisees to become the ‘go-to’ service for those sorts of industry contacts when the niche area subject of single invoice finance option crops up.

Secondly, once a small business has been identified, the franchisee conducts a site visit to partially risk assess the business, its clients, the goods it has produced and the invoices it has issued.

IFG trains you thoroughly to do both parts.

Is this Financial Services Business for you?

Key Franchise Facts:

  • IFG represents a ‘white collar’ professional franchise and will appeal to individuals who prefer a ‘B-2-B’ role
  • IFG represents a home-based franchise – overheads are minimal
  • IFG  is a non-territorial, portable franchise. If you move house, your business follows you

IFG provides franchisees with:

  • Support with every transaction - franchisees always work every transaction with franchisor
  • Support - franchisor always funds transactions with the franchisee - shared financial involvement
  • Support - franchisor handles all documentation, ledgering and management of each transaction

IFG has a low financial entry point and franchisees can grow at their own speed.

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IFG Franchise

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Why Choose Us?

IFG handles all of the Paperwork

What Our Franchisees Say

I have been comfortable in a financial setting given my background. This combined with the model of being low overhead, no employees and in a professional setting where I could control my hours made it a perfect fit.

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