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When investigating franchise opportunities, the amount of information available can be both overwhelming and confusing, so Totalfranchise aim to make things easier for you by bringing together the most relevant and important information that you might need in one place. 

Here, Totalfranchise provide checklists, guides and research tools, as well as links to essential franchise services, that you are likely to need at some point during researching, and then starting, your own franchise.

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Guides & Checklists

Your Suitablity to Franchising Checklist

A handy document designed to get you thinking about your skills and experiences and how these may apply to starting a franchised venture. Franchising is not for everybody, and current circumstances and surroundings will have an effect too.

Guide to Franchise Decision Making

Knowing if you have all the information you need to make such a decision as whether to invest in a franchise if difficult, so we provide a summary of the three critical decisions you will need to make and point you in the right directions for help in making them.

Franchisor Interview Questionnaire

We urge you to review this document before meeting franchisors, and it is easy to print off so you can take it with you to such meetings. This Questionnaire gives will aid you in ensuring you explore most of the essential topics to get the most out of your meeting.

How to Research Franchise Opportunities Guide

Your entire franchise recruitment process summarised into ten steps. While not every franchises research process will follow the same pathway, our guide provides you with a useful insight into what you should expect, and what a franchisor may expect from you.

Industry Information

Totalfranchise - The Website resource for general franchising

Totalfranchise is one of the UK's leading resources for franchise information, and the only resource you are likely to come across that encapsulates all aspects of franchise marketing. Totalfranchise utilise the best of websites, print, exhibitions and seminars to help you in providing all you need to start and run your own successful franchise business.

Master Franchising - The lowdown on Master Franchising

Master franchising offers something quite different. A higher investment, and potentially higher risk option but with huge potential for success and rewards, Master Franchising is an exciting option, but is it for you? This feature helps explain Master Franchising, and advise on whats involved, and whats required of you.

Franchise Seminars - The Role of Franchise Seminars in Starting Your Business

When starting your own business, you need all the help and advice you can get, but when there is so much information, its hard to work out what you need to know, and what you dont, and when you know enough! Franchise Seminars can be the vital link, compressing the important information you need into one event, with experts to answer your questions, and provide the clarity you need.

The British Franchise Association - What It Is, and Why It Matters To You

A feature highlighting the British Franchise Association (BFA), the role it plays in the franchise industry in the UK, and why the British Franchise Association is vital in your research process into starting your own business in franchising.

About Franchising

A helpful guide to give you the guidance you need to understand franchising, what it is, how it works, and why companies choose to franchise their business. You'll also find some useful summarised franchise statistics.

Other Resources

Nina Moran-Watson - Independant Franchise Legal Expert

Serving the franchise industry for almost twenty years, Nina is a qualified solicitor and consultant specialising solely in business format franchising and offering a truly comprehensive service.

Lloyds Bank Business Banking - Franchise Experts

Lloyds Bank is one of the major providers of finance to the franchising sector in the United Kingdom.

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