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Tutortoo Franchise
Tutortoo is a unique proposition which offers much more than solutions through tuition. Their business model teaches franchisees structured methods of developing additional income streams within their business to provide a scalable year-round income.
Franchise Information
  • BFA Membership Status
  • UK Years EstablishedNew Launch
  • Current UK Coverage2%
  • Franchisee Support Staff4
  • Personal Investment Req.£7,995
  • Total Startup Cost£12,950
  • Home-based business locationYes
  • Business to consumer servicesYes
Next Steps

Tutortoo provides you with the tools to create multiple streams of income to build a consistent income across all
12 months of the year.

Tutortoo is a growing supplemental education business. They are looking for entrepreneurs who want to run their own rewarding, lifestyle franchise with their full support and backing.

The global tuition industry is thriving. There is a growing demand from parents to ensure that their children get the best education possible. Many will spend a considerable amount of their hard-earned money to make sure their children achieve the highest grades possible to maximise their future life chances, to help them get into the best schools or to help them access the university places for their career choice.

Tutoroo FranchiseThe Franchise Opportunity:

The Tutortoo business model provides you with all the know-how required to build a thriving children's tuition business providing one-to-one, group and online tuition.

The model focuses on providing tuition which is tailored to each individual student to help them overcome any barriers to learning that they may have.

As a Tutortoo franchisee you will be focusing your time on three main areas:

  • Establishing a thriving tuition agency providing one-to-one, group and online tuition.

    Your business will provide tuition which is tailored to each individual student, building their confidence alongside their academic skills. This can be in any subject at any level and any age. You will recruit and manage tutors to provide required tuition to all families who seek out the services of your business whether in their home, at a local library or other appropriate venue.

  • Delivering skills training for students and teachers in schools

    Tutortoo provides you with ‘done for you’ training courses, workshops and resources to deliver in schools across your territory. These are designed to improve skills and grades in schools. They can be delivered either by you or by one of your tutors who has requisite experience.

  • Providing holiday clubs

    Requests for tuition can sometimes slow down a little over the summer break. This is therefore an ideal time to run a holiday club which is both lucrative and scalable. It also meets the need for childcare from working parents in your territory. They provide the model for you to deliver these with ease.

Tutortoo Franchise | Children's Tuition Business

Tutortoos' premise is that they offer ‘more than just tuition’. With Tutortoo you get one franchise but multiple income streams. This means that, as a franchisee, no two days in your business will be the same.

As a franchisee you are working for yourself, with the support of Tutortoo. You build your own business the way that you want it to be.

Tutortoo will get you off to a flying start with a comprehensive training package and will support and advise you along the way, but you are your own boss.

Just some of the things you may be involved with when running a Tutortoo franchise:

  • Visiting with students to assess their tutoring needs
  • Interviewing a prospective tutor.
  • Working with the accountant to produce your management accounts and assessing the performance of your business.
  • Running a revision workshop with a group of A Level students in a local school.
  • Networking with local business people.
  • Running a stand at a local event.
  • Training a group of teachers.
  • Meeting with Local Authority representatives.
  • Finding premises to run a holiday club.

And so much more ……….

Why choose the Tutortoo Franchise?

  • Flexible hours working from home - Choose the hours to suit you and achieve the work-life balance you desire.
  • Extensive training and support - The business model is designed so that you start from a solid foundation in your business and build from there. Extensive training is provided from the start with ongoing mentoring and support throughout the franchise term.
  • No previous business experience or knowledge of the education system required - If you have no experience of running a business or no knowledge of how the current education system works you have no need to worry as they cover this in the training.
  • Affordable learning for all - You can develop an inclusive business to give back to society and make a real difference in the lives of those you serve.
  • High return on investment & Unlimited Earning Potential - There is no upper limit on the amount you can make in this business. Tutoroo teaches you how to grow your business to the size you desire.
  • Additional income streams - Franchisees will be provided with the tools and resources to create additional income streams to deal with potential seasonality of demand for tuition.
  • Low initial investment - Tutortoo has made this one of the most affordable supplemental tuition franchises available on the market today. You will not be disappointed with the amount you receive in return for this investment in yourself and your future.

The Franchise Package:

The franchise fee is £12,950 + VAT. You will also need £6,000 working capital. A 10% deposit is required although full funding can be applied for through their financing partner.

Tutortoo Franchise | Children's Tuition BusinessFranchisees will receive the following:

  • An exclusive area of operation
  • Full training and support in all aspects of the business
  • Ongoing mentoring
  • A dedicated web page, Facebook page and unique email address
  • A comprehensive marketing launch pack
  • Branded workwear

Is a Tutortoo Franchise the right business for you?

Franchisees come from different backgrounds however first and foremost, franchisees need to:

  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Be self-motivated.
  • Be willing to get out into the community and talk about what Tutortoo offers.
  • Be resilient.
  • Be compassionate and supportive with students and their families.
  • Be able to work alone and to also lead a team as your business grows.
  • Really care about the people they work with

Find out more about the Tutortoo Franchise and running your own lucrative supplemental Children's Tuition Business.
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