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How To Run A Successful Website & Digital Marketing Franchise: Part 1
Starting a website & digital marketing franchise is a great way to increase your income, improve your work/life balance, and experience real job satisfaction.
Franchise Information
  • BFA Membership Status-
  • UK Years Established9 years
  • Current UK Coverage40%
  • Franchisee Support Staff25
  • Personal Investment Req.£5,000
  • Total Startup Cost£9,995
  • Home-based business locationYes
  • Business to business servicesYes
  • Franchisee operates individuallyYes

How To Run A Successful Website & Digital Marketing Franchise: Part 1

Starting a website & digital marketing franchise is a great way to increase your income, improve your work/life balance, and experience real job satisfaction. But what does it take to become truly successful?

We asked our network of expert franchisees to share their thoughts on how to turn the web franchise opportunities provided by into highly profitable businesses.

Read on to discover the secrets to running a successful online marketing franchise:

1. Sell solutions

If you set out to sell websites, you’ll sell some. If you set out to help every business by understanding what it is they do and what their business aims are, then explaining how an itseeze website can help them achieve those goals, and how your services differ from other website providers, will bring much better results, and future referrals.” – John Cooper, itseeze Websites Leicester

2. Remember your objectives

“Think about your business plan and keep referring to this – who are you selling to, what exactly are you selling, how do you plan to sell it, and why should people want to buy from you?”– Phil Revill, itseeze Websites Nottingham. Franchise | website & digital marketing franchise



Phil Revill, itseeze websites Nottingham

"Remeber your objectives"

3. Build lasting relationships

“It is a lot more cost effective to keep an existing customer than find a new one. Set client expectations realistically and honestly, including how long it will take to respond to any requests for help and information – and then stick to the promises you make. After all, a happy client is more likely to recommend your services to others.” – Suzy Perry, itseeze Websites Bristol

4. Mix and mingle

“Get known locally through networking, as this helps to increase referrals. Getting out there and speaking to people is the best way to build up your reputation and make strong business connections.” – Garry Stewart, itseeze Websites York Franchise | website & digital marketing franchise




Garry Stewart,
itseeze websites York

"Mix and Mingle"


5. Partner with third-party companies

“There are many ways to refine your whole process - for example, you can improve your client’s website content by recommending the use of a professional copywriter. This works well for me as it gets the ball rolling quickly and also makes me a margin!” - Rob Davies, itseeze ebsites Ryedale

6. Put yourself out there

“You get out what you put in - so the results are up to you. Remember no one knows who you are or what you do, so don’t be shy, get out and contact people who need websites. There are millions of terrible websites out there - concentrate on the poor ones with potential, particularly those that aren’t mobile friendly yet, and show people how you can help.” – Mark George, itseeze Websites Peterborough

7. Be personable

“People buy from people, so always be passionate and enthusiastic. Also speak in plain terms that everyone can understand – this helps to break down any potential communication barriers about web design.” – Mark Burton, itseeze Websites South Manchester Franchise | website & digital marketing franchise




Ann Naylor, itseeze websites Windsor

"Put your website to use"


8. Put your website to use

“Every franchisee gets a unique regional website. Keeping this updated is a great way to reach new customers and really show what you can offer. After all, as a web design company, having a strong online presence is essential!” – Ann Naylor, itseeze Websites Windsor

9. Vary your approach

My advice is to pick up the telephone and start making calls. Phoning 50-60 companies a day and asking for a meeting is pretty simple; it’s also cheap, quick, and will help build a pipeline for the future. Break it up with a day’s door-to-door canvassing. It’s a great way of meeting people and spreading brand awareness! Simple, good old hard work and persistence!” – Oliver Brock, itseeze Websites Colchester

10. Invest in your success

“All marketing is an investment, but the payback may not be instantaneous, so some speculative marketing spend will be required. I have heard people say too many times that they haven’t been networking as they can’t afford it and will start when they have some clients!” - Steve Axtell, itseeze Websites Northampton

11. Show some initiative

“You have to be active to be successful. Inbound leads will get you so far, but if you just sit at your desk all day waiting for the phone to ring or enquiries to come in via your website, you’ll be losing out on valuable opportunities. You have to get out there and find clients.” – Ian Burnett, itseeze Websites Warwick

Ready to build your own successful business as part of our website design franchise?

Request a FREE Information Pack below to get started, and don’t forget to check back for Part 2 of our guide to running a successful digital marketing franchise!

What Our Franchisees Say

Having attended a discovery day at the Head Office, I was very impressed with the quality of the designs and the investment in technology. Meeting all the team during my visit convinced me that this was a franchise business that I wanted to work with.Rob Davies, Ryedale

I am now in the fortunate position where I don’t have to look for clients as people just come to me wanting an it’seeze website.Oliver Brock, Colchester

It was a big risk to move from operating as a Managing Director of a successful company to working for myself. The team at Head Office have provided me with abundant support and this has assured me that moving into the franchise world was the right choice. What's more, my sales are increasing rapidly year on year.Graham Nicklin, Wolverhampton

Why Choose Us

12 year trading history

Unique proven product ranges, developed in house

Full training given- 5 day course + field day


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