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Food Franchises are some of the most established business organisations in franchising, and one of the most evident and transparent modes of franchise operation throughout the UK and the World.

Recognised brands include Burger King, McDonalds, SubWay, KFC and Dominos Pizza, as well as many others.  Many of these franchise brands have hundreds or thousands of franchisees across the World, and are some of the most respected businesses and retail brands, franchised or otherwise!

While there are a growing number of mobile food franchises, Premises based businesses are the main focus of this section on Totalfranchise.  Premises food franchises include restaurant franchises, take-away and fast food franchises, plus drive-thru restaurants, coffee shops and coffee, muffin, bagel and baguette boutiques in shopping centres and within other retail locations.

Investment for food franchises that are premises based are amongst the highest in franchising, and many franchisors offer an 'investment franchise' opportunity whereby the franchisee sets up multiple store premises locations within a larger regional territory allocation and appoints managers, although many franchisors maintain the focus on owner-managed stores that by comparison, outperform equivalent managed stores usually due to the franchisees everyday 'hands-on' involvement.

Premises based food franchises are, of course, management franchises that require staff management, premises management, couple with a role for the franchisee ensuring that all functions of the business are performed in accordance with the franchise Agreement, from marketing to stock control and cash handling.  Consequently, premises food franchises form some of the least flexible franchises, but equally, the most secure and proven business investment models.

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Premises Food Franchise - Top Pick

Papa John's FranchisePapa John's

A Papa John's Franchise is a fantastic business opportunity particularly with home delivery being the fastest growing sector of the market

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Premises Food Franchises - Papa John's Franchise

Papa John's
Premises Food Franchises: A Papa John's Franchise is a fantastic business opportunity particularly with home delivery being the fastest growing sector of the market

Premises Food Franchises - Burger Priest Franchise

Burger Priest
Premises Food Franchises: The Burger Priest franchise is a premium burger restaurant & take out business opening throughout the UK, with an affordable franchise package

Premises Food Franchises - AlphaBake Cookery

AlphaBake Cookery
Premises Food Franchises: AlphaBake Cookery is an exciting new cookery workshop franchise opportunity that is looking to expand across the uk

Premises Food Franchises - FiltaFry Franchise

Premises Food Franchises: The FiltaFry Franchise gives you the opportunity to run a successful total fryer management service from home

Premises Food Franchises - Ovenclean Franchise

Premises Food Franchises: Ovenclean is the UK's leading professional domestic oven cleaning specialists

Premises Food Franchises - Kiddy Cook Franchise

Kiddy Cook
Premises Food Franchises: Kiddy Cook is the first and most successful children's cooking franchise in the UK

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