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Studio Figura Case Study
Read Mariliis' story - Studio Figura representative in Australia.
Franchise Information
  • BFA Membership Status-
  • UK Years EstablishedNew Launch
  • Current UK Coverage5%
  • Franchisee Support Staff15
  • Personal Investment Req.£65,000
  • Total Startup Cost£20,000
  • Shop-based business locationYes
  • Business to consumer servicesYes
  • Franchisee employs staffYes
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Studio Figura in Australia

Read Mariliis' story - Studio Figura representative in Australia:

How I appeared with Studio Figura on Australian map

I am a 27 year old Estonian woman living in Australia. I lived in Hawaii, USA for 3 years working as a program manager for US visa program. After 3 years I tried settling in Estonia. For 2,5 years I worked in retail banking and later corporate banking. After 2,5 years I felt like I needed a longer holiday and wanted to travel a little more.

I decided to apply for a Working Holiday visa for Australia. The plan was to work and travel about 6 months and then head back to Estonia… 3,5 years later I am still here in Australia. Somehow I just got caught up with the flow here and loved it so much that I decided to stay a little longer. Today I have also found myself a partner who’s name is Alex and he has been an amazing partner throughout this journey with Studio Figura.

How did I find Studio Figura?

I had been self-employed here for couple of years already and was looking for another opportunity as well. But it wasn’t myself who found the idea of Roll Shapers. It was a dear friend of mine, Anni, who saw the Roll Shaper online from a TV show and started looking for options to try it out here in Brisbane. And she found nothing! And that’s where the idea came from - she called me up and told me about it and we decided to contact Studio Figura International to see what are the business opportunities here in Australia. And the timing couldn’t have been any better - Izabella (CEO of SFI) told us that she has been waiting for someone to bring the concept to Australia for a long time already. And that’s how it all started. It has definitely been quite a life lesson to dig through all the bureaucracy here in Australia, but finally we’re here! 

The Grand Opening was great! As we all know - this is the first studio in the whole Australia and people don't know much about this concept. Every time another woman walks in the studio and I tell them that we have only been open for couple of weeks and this is the first studio in Australia - they are absolutely amazed.

Everyone’s loving it! Women have so much faith in this and they are booking full programs with us already. I think it is a great success within couple of weeks only. There’s been great businessmen and women saying that they can see huge growth for this concept in Australia and they can see big things happening! So-watch out everyone - we will be taking over Australia very soon!

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Magdalena & Agnieszka Prove Running a Business with a Friend Can Work!Magdalena & Agnieszka Prove Running a Business with a Friend Can Work!

Magdalena & Agnieszka Studio Figura owners in Leicester - true friends who prove that running a business with a friend can work in its best!

Sylwia Sokolowska is the Studio Figura International Managing Director in UK!Sylwia Sokolowska is the Studio Figura International Managing Director in UK!

Sylwia Sokolowska is the Managing Director and Franchise Consultant for Studio Figura International.

What Our Franchisees Say

My journey with Studio Figura started similarly like other Studio Figura owners. First, I was a client. I became so fascinated with the machines, especially with Roll Shapers that I decided to start this business. I opened my first studio 3 years ago, three next studios I opened one year ago and this year I’m opening my 5th Studio. I became addicted to the Concept, my success proves that it works!

I was seduced by the opportunity to work in a feminine environment, with a flexible schedule (I am my own boss!), without stress, with low investment demand and rapid pay-off. I had no experience in this field, but I received comprehensive training and certification from Studio Figura. I am working the second year already and I am satisfied with my studio and the excellent results of my clients!

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