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Meet Sam Bradshaw From Razzamataz Hampstead

13th December 2012

Sam Bradshaw from Razzamataz Hampstead hit break-even point after his first term in London in May 2012 against a background of stiff competition.

Sam Bradshaw hit break-even point after his first term in London in May 2012 against a background of stiff competition.

Razzamataz Hampstead - Sam BradshawSam, aged 26, has been running his own children’s party entertainment business for five years and has been able to combine this with successfully launching Razzamataz Hampstead.

Q. What do you think are the main reasons for your success?

Constant persistence and spreading the marketing as wide as possible. In the London area it is extremely competitive and therefore a lot of newspaper adverts haven't worked for me but attending events are much more successful.

Q. What advice can you offer other would-be franchisees?

I would visit at least two Razzamataz schools before training. I would also research the area and the competition in great detail before starting but these are all things that Head Office advises also.

What has been the biggest lesson you have learnt?

I have learnt that the system only works if you make it. Marketing is key but that doesn't necessarily mean spending lots of money. Just find what works for you.

Q. How should new franchisees approach launch day?

Plan and rehearse your speech. Make lists of things you need to have with you. Also make sure you book a photographer for the day. Mine was brilliant and it was key to making my business look successful and to show to potential students after the launch day. Be thinking to the future all the time.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

I would like to open a second school next year and at this rate I will need to.

Q. London is an incredibly tough market with lots of competition, what practical steps have you taken to reach break even point?

Face to face marketing is key in London because it really requires that personal touch so Fun Days and Fetes are very important. Get the children performing and the business will sell its self.

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I don’t have a business background so after deciding to retire from professionally performing it was the memories of Razzamataz on Dragons’ Den that set the wheels in motion. I was really inspired by the brand and the business model and because it is a franchise business we receive a lot of help and support from Head Office as well as on-going training so I can make Razzamataz Barnet the success that I believe it can be. In the last 12 months, I have doubled my student numbers in a very competitive market and I have now clear plans on how I would like my business to progress this year,

Michael French, Razzamataz Barnet

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