KIOMA Franchise

KIOMA Franchise
Make up & Perfume Business Opportunity

KIOMA Franchise | Make up & Perfume Business

The KIOMA Franchise is a new and exciting Make up & Perfume Business opportunity. The KIOMA brand emerges as an innovative concept in the franchise beauty industry by encapsulating two areas of affordable beauty related products in one space.

The KIOMA Franchise Opportunity:

KIOMA was created in 2009 and opened its first shops in Portugal. The franchise model was introduced in 2014 and has experienced solid growth with over 16 shops operating successfully in the small country.  

KIOMA Franchise | Make up & Perfume BusinessKIOMA has now started its international expansion, with a growing number of shops opened in Spain and new openings underway in several other countries

KIOMA understand the wide spectrum of contemporary woman profiles and their needs.

It is with this in mind that KIOMA has launched a cosmetics collection at budget prices and a perfume range of generic version fragrances inspired by original designer brands at 80% lower prices.

The KIOMA cosmetics are manufactured to rigorous quality specifications and are regulated by European Standards.

KIOMA Franchise | Make up & Perfume BusinessThe product range is produced as part of their partnership with one of the most experienced and long-standing  make up manufacturers  on the old continent, based in Italy.

KIOMA therefore presents an opportunity to create synergies in the franchise expansion model. Their innovative concept comes forward as both affordable and stylishly chic with growing appeal to international and diverse audiences.

The benefit of joining the KIOMA Franchise:

  • Ideal both for investors and private individuals looking to own their own Make up & Perfume Business
  • Innovative concept
  • High profitability and quick return on investment
  • Excellent value-for-money, budget products - recession proof market
  • Easy to manage
  • No prior experience required
  • Products associated with beauty (The beauty industry is worth £17 billion to the UK economy, growing solidly year on year up from £13.8 billion in 2009)

How much does a KIOMA Franchise cost?

The KIOMA Franchise Fee is £29,950. This includes all necessary fit-out, initial stock, equipment and training required to start trading. (Construction/structural work related activities on the retail premises, if necessary, are not included.)

Is KIOMA the business for you?

Do you have the attributes of an ideal franchise partner? See below the kind of people for whom this business is perfect:

  • KIOMA Franchise | Make up & Perfume BusinessInterested in the beauty/fashion industry, experience not required
  • Passion for helping others look and feel their best and strong customer service attitude 
  • Extrovert, enjoys working with people
  • Working professionals who want a better work-life balance
  • Stay-at-home mums or people who want a career outside of the home
  • Investors

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KIOMA Franchise

Further Information

Franchise Information

BFA Membership Status
UK Years Established
New Launch
Current UK Coverage
Franchisee Support Staff
Personal Investment Req.
£8,000 approx
Total Startup Cost
£29,950 approx
Shop-based business location Shop-based business location
Business to consumer services Business to consumer services
Franchisee employs and manages staff Franchisee employs and manages staff

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