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Helen O'Grady Franchise
Childrens Drama and Dance Business

Helen O'Grady Franchise - Childrens Drama and Dance Business

About the Helen O'Grady Dance Academy

Helen O'Grady Franchise - Childrens Drama and Dance BusinessThis Childrens Drama and Dance Business offers an opportunity for energetic and enthusiastic teachers to run a business which allows you to work with children, keep school holidays free and earn an attractive income.

In 2014 the Academy reached its 35th Anniversary worldwide and celebrated 23 years of operation in the UK.

A great amount of time has been spent by the Academy developing a curriculum encompassing an extensive range of drama activities designed to capture the imagination of children of all ages.

The Bercow Review in August 2008 highlighted the requirement of the education system to focus on improving the language and communication skills of young students.

John Bercow MP said: “The ability to communicate is an essential life skill for all children and young people in the 21st century. It is at the core of all social interaction. With strong communication skills, children can engage and thrive. Without them children will struggle to learn, achieve, make friends and interact with the world around them.”

Helen O'Grady Franchise - Childrens Drama and Dance BusinessThe Academy is totally focused on addressing these social and educational concerns. The curriculum taps into the natural interest children have in drama and helps them develop into confident, articulate young people, more able to succeed in later life.

In our modern world, when young people rely so much on technology to communicate using texts, emails and social networking sites, it is crucial that we nurture our children’s confidence to allow them to hold their heads up, speak clearly and present themselves well in all situations. Franchise owners worldwide have the support of schools and parents and demand for classes is growing.

 A Helen O'Grady Franchise Owner:

Helen O'Grady Franchise - Childrens Drama and Dance BusinessEach franchise owner is self-employed in an exclusive territory and can work from an office at home. Classes operate in school term time only, allowing more time for family.

As a franchise owner you will be part of an international Childrens Drama and Dance Business network with a wealth of communication and support. All are provided with a structured drama curriculum which is constantly revised and updated.

Training is thorough and ongoing with franchise owners attending a termly Seminar to workshop future curriculum and to receive excellent business and marketing advice. Contact with, and support from, senior Head Office staff at the Academy continues regularly.

Is this franchise for you?

Helen O'Grady Franchise | Childrens Drama and Dance BusinessAn interest in and an enthusiasm for drama is far more important than formal drama training. Prospective franchise owners need to have experience and a love of working with children. All territories are exclusive. With good teaching, smart administration and excellent marketing and promotion the possibilities are endless.

The Academy are also interested to hear from people who would like to run a part-time business, maybe alongside another job. This would involve the purchase of a Childrens Drama and Dance Business territory with a smaller population. Size and cost on application.

The Investment:

To become part of the world’s largest community based Childrens Drama and Dance Business school you will be required to invest a minimum of £3,000. A branch costs between £10,000 and £15,000 and an interest free payment plan is available.

This franchise is an excellent cash flow business. The bulk of the fees being collected at the commencement of each term. A full time franchise  owner can earn in excess of £30,000 per annum. The growth of a branch is limited only by your creativity and imagination.

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Helen O'Grady Franchise

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Why Choose Us?

A home based business, offering flexible hours and most school holidays free

What Our Franchisees Say

As always, the training seminar was informative and highly motivating. The team did an excellent job as usual!

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