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Where there’s muck, there’s brass!

24th March 2016

Scoop Dotty Dog was founded in 2012 by Charlie Clift who, as a dog owner herself, recognised that a number of pet owners sometimes needed help cleaning up after their pets.
Where there’s muck, there’s brass!

A new franchise opportunity from a flourishing Berkshire firm presents a proven and successful business model that can really help you clean up, from an unexpected source!

Scoop Dotty Dog was founded in 2012 by Charlie Clift who, as a dog owner herself, recognised that a number of pet owners such as elderly people and families sometimes needed help cleaning up after their pets, ensuring gardens are both clean and safe for use. Such was the demand for her service that Charlie made the brave decision to leave the corporate world to establish Scoop Dotty Dog, which proved to be a great success. Now, the next step is to take Charlie’s proven business model and replicate it across the UK.

The Scoop Dotty Dog service includes the full clean-up of a pet owner’s garden, including applying a pet safe disinfectant and deodoriser, along with full waste removal. Commercial clients benefit too – such as dog boarders and trainers for whom Scoop Dotty Dog can provide a scheduled waste collection service. Events also make up another client opportunity through the provision of temporary waste bins, providing waste removal and site clean-up after. Adding to the clever business model and focussing on their Eco awareness, Scoop Dotty Dog also opts for all waste to be sent to a recycling facility where the dog waste is processed and turned into bio-fuel!

Charlie, from Reading, explains why she chose to take the leap into establishing this more unusual venture:
"When I told my family that I wanted to quit my job and establish Scoop Dotty Dog, I think they thought I’d gone mad! But I was fed up of working hard for someone else’s benefit. I saw an opportunity to create a unique business and have worked hard to build it, but it enables to me to work flexibly, which was really important as a single parent and meant I could control hours to fit around my family. Now, it’s a flourishing business that follows successful business principles – we provide a great solution to satisfy a significant and ever growing demand. Through the franchise, there is a great opportunity for people who want to build a flexible business where they largely control their working time, and earn a decent living at the same time, with the potential to keep building and growing as much as you choose."

Charlie continues:
"Of course, the nature of the day-to-day won’t be for everyone, but to quote the old saying ‘where there’s muck, there’s brass’ is especially apt here. And with the growing pet population, an aging human population and tighter health and safety laws all enhancing the need for Scoop Dotty Dog’s services, the opportunity for a franchise, so that others can replicate our success in other parts of the UK, made so much sense."

This is a business that can be run as a ‘single-operator’ or developed as a management franchise. Full training, safety gear, equipment, know-how and materials are provided within a very full and fair franchise package and Charlie is passionate about helping you to replicate her success through complete training and ongoing support.

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