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Why Catch-a-balls Are Not Sports Classes

12th October 2016

Catch-a-balls are different from other children activities’ groups as they are not sports classes.
Why Catch-a-balls Are Not Sports Classes

Catch-a-balls are different from other children activities’ groups. They focus on the children as individuals and on their specific development needs.

According to studies carried out by the Liverpool John Moores University teaching children to be active and enjoy sports is one of the key factors influencing their long term physical and mental health.

Sports help develop life skills such as sportsmanship and how to control aggression. It also reduces adolescent social problems so there is good justification for pre-school children to be taught ball-handling and movement skills.

Research demonstrates that children with better sporting skills are more active than those who haven’t learnt these. Children have a ‘window of opportunity’ to learn most of the fundamental movement skills (FMS) by age 8, i.e. before their movement skill is embedded. FMS include running, jumping, hopping, skipping, kicking, catching and throwing.

Some of us can remember with dread not being able to catch consistently and the resultant fear school team sports could instil. However, this can be avoided. Developing fundamental movement skills is not innate. To achieve a high level of skill in these, children need instruction using appropriate activities, equipment and encouragement with regular practice in a fun environment.

If achieved children can go on to maintain higher fitness levels by leading a more active lifestyle especially helpful throughout the confidence challenging period of adolescence.

Most children cannot cope with the rules, team work and strategy associated with a sport until about 7 years old. Catch-a-balls multi-sports classes are specifically designed for pre-schoolers to develop movement and balls skills such as rolling, throwing, catching and using bats.

The classes focus on developing good ball and racquet skills, using both hands and feet (left & right!) to enable the children to go on and enjoy the sport of their choice. Until you have seen a toddler playing volleyball, you won’t believe it is possible!!!

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I believe that introducing children to the world of sport & healthy living at a young age is the first step towards them seeing sport as fun & part of a healthy lifestyle, not just something they are made to do at school.

Roz Clark, Franchisee in Thames Ditton and Surbiton

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