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Take On The Challenge Of A Catch-A-Balls Franchise

25th May 2016

Catch-a-balls is all about learning new skills and with that comes new and exciting challenges.
Take On The Challenge Of A Catch-A-Balls Franchise

Challenges are very important to us in life. They are a great measure of what we can do for ourselves or as a team. By it’s very nature a challenge should be something we don’t know we can achieve – otherwise is it a challenge?

Catch-A-Balls have been watching Eddie Izzard’s amazing 27 marathons in 27 days challenge. It’s given them a mild obsession with other people’s experiences of challenges!

Is a challenge is something you don’t know you can do? Eddie Izzard didn’t know he could do it. How do kids cope? They have daily challenges surely? On varying scales sure but life holds many challenges when you’re little. Do you think you can cope with a franchise?

As parents we can judge if our child will achieve something; be it using a spoon, a cup, doing a throw, making a catch or a movement skill. Do you think that us adults with our knowledge of failure – stop our children from trying and learning because we want them to avoid the disappointment of failure?

Catch-a-balls is all about learning new skills and with that comes new and exciting challenges. Children and adults will learn by every mistake and will make small adaptions every time in order to make progress and understand the skill. Catch-A-Balls have broken all their skills down into child sized pieces but not all of them can be achieved at first attempt, everyone needs to practice and go on a little voyage of discovery. Some children will practice more at home due to having siblings to play with, a dog or parents on hand to throw and catch with. Many children use lesson time as their practice time. But through the practice they get closer to their challenge goal.

Additionally, we may not like this aspect so much, but we do learn how to deal with failure, it gives you the courage to get up and try again.

At Catch-a-balls all the coaches love watching the children progress in classes, the pleasure it gives the children and the parents when another small throw or catch is achieved, it’s a great success every time!! It’s a journey and Catch-A-Balls are privileged to travel with so many children.

Catch-A-Balls have done the same with their franchise offering, and fully intend to make sure these are a success for you.

So don’t avoid challenges cos you don’t know if you can do it – that’s what a challenge is, and it most likely won’t be achieved first time!

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I believe that introducing children to the world of sport & healthy living at a young age is the first step towards them seeing sport as fun & part of a healthy lifestyle, not just something they are made to do at school.

Roz Clark, Franchisee in Thames Ditton and Surbiton

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