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Getting pre schoolers to throw

8th April 2016

How do Catch-A-Balls teach pre schoolers to throw?
Getting pre schoolers to throw

Think teaching toddlers ball-handling skills is going to be very challenging? Well, actually children this age want to learn more now than we think at any older age! So how do Catch-A-Balls teach the little ones to throw?

Parents come to Catch-A-Balls with little ones of about 18 month to 2 years and claim that their child just won’t throw. They get hold of a ball and that’s it, they won’t release it. At Catch-A-Balls they see this quite often. Their own theory is that perhaps they have done a throw in the past only to see an older sibling or friend take the ball and they don’t get their hands on it again. So why throw it away?

So at Catch-A-Balls they give everyone their own ball or scarf so hopefully no one else will be picking it up your child’s ball after they have done a massive throw. Secondly they find that larger balls are good to get youngsters going. They are harder for them to hold, which seems a bit mean but it does also result in balls being released easily or even dropped so the child learns that he can recover it himself and everyone else is interested in their ball.

As we can see from the video clip we have set up this little chap with a few hoops. He’s comfortable in the environment so we have moved him onto throwing a bean bag. There are a couple of challenges, firstly we would like him to stand on the purple spot but he wants to achieve the throw into the further hoops, so he moves round to make it slightly easier. With gentle encouragement he will become more confident and do it all from the spot. Also we are clearly asking him to throw into the different hoops this will require him to apply different force to the throw, with practice he will come to understand this.

It must always be fun! Lots of praise for small successes, it’s exciting for the parents too. This can always be adapted to use in the park, just with a ball and some sticks to throw over. There could also be pine cones around which can be good for throwing. Have a look about to see what is in the natural environment to make a game with.

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