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What Catch-A-Balls customer’s say about them

4th March 2016

In a recent customer survey, Catch-A-Balls got some great feedback from their customers.
What Catch-A-Balls customer’s say about them

In a recent customer survey, Catch-A-Balls got some great feedback from their customers which they thought they would share with you to demonstrate how great their classes are – one of the many reason a Catch-a-balls franchise is so worthwhile!

"My son really enjoyed the class...He particularly enjoyed the games with the large balls and running up and down the room in the pirate themed game. It's a relief for me to find a class where I'm not having to tell him to keep sitting down! It was great to have such a variety of games and activities...."

What is the best thing about Catch-a-balls classes?

Many parents quoted friendly class groups, the new games and types of balls each term as the best aspect.

Other feedback told Catch-A-Balls that 87% of their clients think the classes provide good value for money and 97% would recommend the classes to their friends.

When asked what was the worst thing about the classes, over 40% said nothing at all. With most others quoting they wanted more classes at different times and in more venues! So let’s get cracking and give the customers what they want – more franchises opened in new areas.

Catch-A-Balls - Feedback
"My son really enjoyed it....Kathryn engaged all of the children individually with encouragement and kept a good pace throughout. I found the atmosphere nice and relaxed…."

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Catch-A-Balls Franchise News

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8th December 2016
Catch-A-Balls have a festive franchise sale!

Catch-A-Balls Recruiting in South West London and Surrey
14th November 2016
Catch-A-Balls are recruiting for coaches in South West London and Surrey with the option to take on the franchise areas.

The Frisbees are flying; take cover!
28th October 2016
Frisbee throwing is quite different from any other throw that is taught at Catch-A-Balls.

Why Catch-a-balls Are Not Sports Classes
12th October 2016
Catch-a-balls are different from other children activities’ groups as they are not sports classes.

Catch-A-Balls Announce Their New Online Shop
3rd October 2016
Catch-A-Balls have recently launched an online shop to increase the earning potential for their franchisees.

Catch-a-Balls is Now Providing Classes to Schools
14th September 2016
The Catch-a-Balls curriculum now includes providing classes to schools.

Teaching Kids to Reach Up and Grab a Ball
19th August 2016
Catch-A-Balls have developed a simple fun game to teach kids to reach up and grab a ball.

Catch-a-balls Can Help!
19th June 2016
If running your own business is your dream but the financial day-to-day realities are stopping you contact Catch-a-balls to discuss how...

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I aim to make my classes fun packed with lots of laughter, children are never made to feel they cannot achieve & always receive plenty of praise throughout each class.

Roz Clark, Franchisee in Thames Ditton and Surbiton

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