MACC UK – A helping hand in community life

10th May 2016

In 2004 MACC established a commission to assist and support their employees’ organizations & volunteer work.
MACC UK – A helping hand in community life

We are all very much aware of the importance of non-profit organizations and volunteer work which help communities and people grow together.

Within this framework, it is important for MACC to share their strong values outside of the company and have others benefit from their constant development and growth.

This is why, in 2004, MACC decided to establish a commission in order to further assist & support their employees’ organizations & volunteer work. This commission grants an annual donation to help fund projects on the organizations’ wishlist.

A wide range of organizations are represented via this program: educational, scientific, social, humanitarian, family-oriented, cultural to only mention a few.

Employees who engage in volunteer work as members of organizations share their organizations’ projects by filing a request which is then carefully considered by a designated committee in charge of deciding which organization will be granted a donation after having defined that the request meets specific criteria.

Every year in December, a special event is hosted during which the cheque is handed over to the members representing the chosen organization. This gesture is acted in front of MACC headquarters employees, Management and the Press so as to share the importance of engaging in volunteer work, and making a difference. Both the volunteer’s & the organization’s intentions & efforts are rewarded.

This concept is recognized a regional & even national success story which has helped over 15 organizations in funding a project entirely or in part.

Macc UK - Avec ArthurLast year, a donation was made to an organization called 'Avec Arthur' which was established by the father (a MACC customer) of a child, Arthur, who was diagnosed with an orphan genetic disease called Alpha sarcoglycanopathy. The donation helped fund the installation of a lift they needed to give children in wheelchairs access to their dedicated space at their headquarters.

Macc UK - Mira EuropeMIRA Europe - This foundation was established to train guide dogs for blind children in Europe. In 2013, the donation contributed to purchasing and training a guide dog.

Macc UK - AmloThe oncology department of the Longjumeau hospital in France seeks to improve the conditions of the environment patients are treated in when receiving chemotherapy. In 2012, they received a donation which enabled them to purchase CD & DVD players with headsets in order to offer their patients the possibility to listen to music or watch movies while receiving treatment.

This year again, MACC will play a role in another organization’s wish to get closer to making dreams come true.

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A warm welcome to Chris Czora, MACC Shropshire Ltd Franchise
26th May 2016
MACC are pleased to welcome Chris Czora on board their growing franchise network in England.

MACC UK extend a warm welcome to their first two franchisees
5th November 2015
MACC are very pleased to welcome Neil Saunders and Fouad Bouchanni on board their newly developed Franchise network in England.


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