BREXIT is not stopping Antal International

1st July 2016

Antal is set to have its best expansion in 15 years, it seems that BREXIT is fuelling its momentum.
BREXIT is not stopping Antal International

Antal Global Recruitment passes 21 new offices opened in 2016.

With 4 new offices opening in one week last June in India and an additional 17 offices covering virtually all global regions that have come on stream since January, Antal is set to have its best expansion in 15 years, it seems that BREXIT is fuelling its momentum.

Doug Bugie, President of the Antal Network of franchises says:
"It is quite clear really, the demand for talent at all levels of employment has never been stronger. Clients, present and future, are not running from BREXIT or anything else. They are leaning towards growth in a big way. Those who want to 'move the needle forward' remain at the forefront of the most bullish market we have seen in years and we remain fully engaged to serve them. We need to expand at this pace just to keep up with demand. I expect before too many months pass we will be talking about 200 offices worldwide in our group."

Antal has now opened 135 offices globally; spanning over 30 countries, creating an extensive international network to carry out cross border work bringing a truly unique approach to the recruitment sector.

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Antal News

Global employment survey finds statics job markets around the world
17th November 2016
The Antal Global Snapshot has found job prospects for professionals and managers continuing to improve.

Antal International Selected as Top 25 Company
12th September 2016
Antal International has been selected as a top 25 company globally out of more than 60,000 human resource/recruitment companies.

Antal continues its strong expansion with 3 more offices
9th June 2016
Antal International continues its strong expansion by opening 3 more offices in May: one in the United Kingdom, one in France and one in...

Tony Goodwin Entrepreneur of the Year 2016
9th May 2016
Tony Goodwin, Founder & CEO of Antal International, has won the Award of Entrepreneur of the Year in the Recruiter Awards 2016 ceremony.

Antal puts up a great start to 2016
30th March 2016
Antal had a great start to 2016 with more than 10 new offices that have opened in the first quarter of the year.

Antal awarded Best Executive Recruitment Company 2016
4th March 2016
Focus magazine has awarded Antal International with the title 'Best Executive Recruitment Company 2016' in Germany for the second time in a...

Earn significantly more than you do now by investing in an Antal Franchise
26th February 2016
Two successful Antal franchise owners worked together to earn close to £200,000.


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