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The Lean Thinker by Mike Hanrahan

1st September 2016

The book is dedicated to all budding entrepreneurs everywhere who are considering franchising their business and wish to do it on a shoe-string budget.

Mike Hanrahan started his management business in the domestic services sector in 1993. Ten years later having some 400 cleaners representing his brand on a weekly basis he founded Maid2Clean Franchise Ltd on a shoestring budget.

The Lean Thinker - Mike HanrahanIn the next ten years Maid2Clean rapidly became the largest domestic services provider in the industry. In 2014 some 14,500 cleaners worked under the brand umbrella making Maid2Clean the largest domestic cleaning franchise in the UK. Mike's desire is to share his knowledge with would-be franchisors who desire to get their business to market without unnecessary waste and cost and avoiding the pitfalls.

This is a must read for all aspiring franchisors with limited budgets to franchise their businesses.

Some of the most successful franchisors in the world started with nothing. All they had was a great business model and a dream.

The Lean Thinker is about using business acumen, resources and independent drive to duplicate your business model - with limited financial investment, to create a successful franchise.

What will the Lean Thinker do for me? This will be your first thought and rightly so. This book will show you how to:

a.) develop and maintain a lean infrastructure fit for franchising based on solid business principles.
b.) reduce the overall costs of legal and operational franchising must haves.
c.) recruit the best free and paid for franchise advisers.
d.) develop a lean operations manual for your franchisees
e.) rapidly sell franchises to expand your business income
f.) maximize your franchises success with social networking
g.) determine what the lean franchisor needs to know about marketing and branding
h.) source the right franchise brokers and introducers

... and dozens of useful real world examples of succeeding in franchising.

This book is dedicated to all budding entrepreneurs everywhere who are considering franchising their business and wish to do it on a show-string budget.

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Maid2Clean Franchise Special Features

Franchisor Interview - Martin Chambers, industry consultant, interviews Mike Hanrahan, MD of Maid2Clean
10th January 2016
Find out more about the background to Maid2Clean and what makes it a successful franchise.

Maid2Clean Franchise

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Why Choose Us?

Maid2Clean has No staff overhead costs, No cleaner overalls to provide, No expensive cleaning equipment to buy, No cleaning materials to buy, No transportation of cleaners or equipment from 1 job to another, No third parties involved – learn the business directly from the franchisor, No cash flow problems – clients pay in advance of the cleans, No van purchase/hire costs, No invoicing or cash collections, No need to ever meet a client, No dependency on highly skilled staff

What Our Franchisees Say

I would be certainly happy to talk to anyone thinking about investing in the franchise.

Bob Lambert (Maid2Clean Beckenham)

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