Chris Czora launched his MACC Franchise in Shropshire in April 2016

22nd August 2016

Chris Czora tells us why he chose a MACC franchise and about running his business in Shropshire.

Chris Czora, MACC Shropshire, launched in April 2016:

What drew you to franchising?

I was keen to work for myself, but wanted the support and back up of a proven business plan to help me get started. Franchising allowed me to start in business with an existing proven brand name, along with support and guidance to help get established.

MACC - Chris CzoraWhy did you choose MACC in particular?

I first saw MACC at a franchise show, having never heard of the company before. Despite this I was immediately attracted by the high quality of the products that are manufactured by the company, and of the innovation that the company show in their products. I found this exciting and thought it would be something that I could get involved in. The van is a great selling point, well turned out and something that really draws the attention.

What are the advantages of a van-based franchise?

I enjoy being able to work in a variety of areas, to travel around and not be confined to a single office. My work takes me to a variety of locations depending on where the customers are working. Anywhere from the middle of a large city, through to some of the most scenic parts of the country could be possible and it is an attractive prospect.

In what ways is your business flexible?

The business allows me to maintain a good work/life balance through working for myself. I am responsible for gaining appointments and planning the working day, so if I wish to take time off, I can plan this around my working schedule. Likewise by working for myself, I have far greater flexibility to take leave when I wish, there are no instances of having to 'swap days' with colleagues or have requests entered into a ballot.

What about training and support?

MACC take real care in selecting the right people to work under their name, and once selected to ensure they are able to start in the field. My first week as a MACC franchisee involved a week's training at the company headquarters in France, where not only did I learn about the products and the selling techniques, but I was also able to get an insight into the company and how it works at all levels of the operation.

The franchise manager has spent several weeks with me in the field to help me gain early experience in the first few months, always the toughest part of starting a franchise. MACC is a growing franchise and there are a small number of existing franchisees. All of them are very friendly, helpful people and once in the network are in regular contact to discuss ideas, share tips or even just a few reassuring words after a bad day (and of course congratulations on a good day!)

How does your previous experience assist you in the running of your franchise?

My experience within the civil service of dealing with employers has been helpful, as my role involves contacting a variety of people, from sole trader 'one man band' tradesman, through to company leaders of firms employing many people.

What advice would you give to anyone considering a vehicle-based franchise?

You need to ensure you are comfortable 'behind the wheel' as by taking a vehicle based franchise, travelling and driving will become an integral part of the job.  For those such as me who were based within an office this can represent quite a change, which although positive, takes some getting used to!

However it is certainly much more enjoyable being out and about.

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