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Alice Keene is the Fizz Pop Science Taunton & Exeter Area Manager

12th April 2016

Alice Keene became a Fizz Pop Science franchisee in November 2012 and is now the Area Manager for Taunton & Exeter.

Alice Keene became a Fizz Pop Science franchisee in November 2012 and is now the Area Manager for Taunton & Exeter.

Fizz Pop Science - Alice Keene"I became a Fizz Pop Science Franchisee in November 2012, aged 19, after having worked part-time for Fizz Pop Science – I’d really enjoyed being a Fizz Pop Instructor as it combined the two careers I’d always wanted to do – Science and Teaching. Turning that into my own business was perfect for me!

I always wanted to be a Primary School Teacher – it runs in the family and I love working with children! As soon as I could, I started volunteering at my local Brownies group, that I had attended as a kid, which encouraged me on my career path.

At college I did a BTEC in Forensic Science so I could specialise in Science as a Teacher. However, I started working with Fizz Pop Science during my year out and realised it was the perfect combination of my favourite subjects. When I realised I could run it as my own business then it was the natural next step.

I love watching the children’s faces in assemblies and clubs when they realise how cool science can be! Showing children how we can turn, sometimes really simple, everyday objects into the most amazing scientific experiments is always great. And, of course, making slime with children of any age or ability and seeing them getting hooked on Chemistry is always a buzz!

Fizz Pop Science has helped me from the beginning to understand how to run my business and has always been there when I’ve got a bit stuck! Their support made it possible for me to do the jobs I love in an area where there were little opportunities for younger job seekers!"

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