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16th December 2015

Eve Whitmore has been the proud owner of her Kiddleydivey franchise in Shrewsbury, Mid Wales and Wolverhampton since 2014.

Eve Whitmore has been the proud owner of her Kiddleydivey franchise in Shrewsbury, Mid Wales and Wolverhampton since 2014. Eve was looking for a business that would give her flexibility to spend more time with her children but still earn enough money to support her family.

Kiddleydivey - Eve WhitmoreWith previous experience in sales, Eve decided that she wanted to do something that would help her give something back to the community and something that would offer her a flexible working life to fit around her family life.

"I had been looking at how to receive a full income with part time hours. When I started looking at Kiddleydivey I had two young children and just couldn’t see how my work life was going to fit around being a Mum too. I had been interested in pursuing a career in music therapy when I was at school but the opportunity never arose. When I saw Kiddleydivey I knew it was the opportunity for me.

Kiddleydivey offers a proven business and support from someone who knows how it feels to go it alone. When I attended the first music session during my training, the atmosphere in the room was so flat. However, once the music began the room transformed and I decided it was something I could do and really build a rewarding career from."

Kiddleydivey is fun, engaging and entertaining. Franchisees offer music sessions to the elderly to promote memory engagement and mobilisation. Music classes for children are designed to be educational and promote development. The Kiddleydivey franchise opportunity gives you the chance to build a business whilst turning your love of music into a profitable and rewarding career.

Kiddleydivey support and train you to forge a business that you can be passionate about whilst helping others in the community to live happy and fulfilling lives.

Eve now enjoys spending time with her family whilst still giving something back to the community. Eve has achieved her goal of running her own business, working part-time hours but still earning a good income.

"With Kiddleydivey, I liked the fact that I felt I was going to be giving something back to the community because I had spent my entire career selling and although it pays well it can be quite soulless. The business also give me more flexibility and freedom to spend time with my family. In my previous job I was waiting outside the nursery for it to open and then arriving at the very last minute in the evenings. All the bonuses in the world didn’t make up for the fact that I felt I was missing out. It was when I had my second child that I began to realise it just wasn’t sustainable. Now I spend every evening and weekend with my family and we don’t have to miss out on valuable family time."

Once of the huge benefits of being part of a franchise network is the support and training on offer. Eve found the training at Kiddleydivey extremely helpful in getting her business off the ground quickly and successfully.

"I spent a week working with the team at Head Office before I launched my business. We spent time running through business plans, the technical side of things and practical work. I started with watching a session, progressing to partaking and then eventually leading the session. I learnt so much from the training and was given advice on guidance on improvements to be made. I was able to ask for extra help in the areas I felt I needed more practice.

Once I was out on my own with the business and trying to get in touch with the initial homes, I was able to contact Head Office every day for support and advice and I’m still in touch at least once a week. It’s great to have that support and I can’t imagine the business would have gone as well or as quickly without that support in place. Sometimes my sets have to be changed to meet the requirements of specific homes and the team work really hard to make sure you have them in time and they are suitable. With Kiddleydivey you feel as though you are part of a partnership and the team really want the business to do well in your hands."

Kiddleydivey - Eve WhitmoreKiddleydivey’s unique music classes have been refined and adapted to maximise the effect on both the young and elderly. By pairing your skills with Kiddleydivey’s support, guidance and business model, franchisees are helped with honing their skills so that they can build a flexible business and future for themselves. Franchisees utilise the brand and proven business formula to provide a much needed service in their local communities. This is an ideal opportunity for motivated individuals with the desire to build a profitable business and utilise their interest in music and ability to sing to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

"I love running my music sessions. It’s impossible not to walk away at the end of a session without a smile on your face. It doesn’t matter how flat the atmosphere is when you walk in, you’re making people laugh, sing and dance. People with more advanced levels of dementia who are incapable of movement or conversation get so much out of the sessions. The music invariably triggers something in them and it can be quite emotional to see it. It’s the most amazing feeling and you get paid for doing it!

It’s really rewarding to see elderly people remembering and many of them do become emotional but most of the time it’s because you’re bringing back happy memories. One lady with dementia had forgotten she’d had a husband until she heard one of our songs and she remembered their first date. There are also people who can barely move when we run our first session and it’s great to see them gradually develop and become more able as time moves on."

Having got her business off to a good start and by helping fellow franchisees get their businesses off the ground, Eve is well placed to offer her advice on buying a franchise.

"My advice to anyone looking at franchising would be to visit the franchisor and spend time watching them work and talking to them. The Relationship is going to be key to the success of your franchise. Visit another franchisee if possible to find out how it really works.

My plans for the future are to grow my business in Wolverhampton and then long term to expand into the West Midlands and take on employees."

Eve has built herself a successful, flexible and rewarding business. It’s clear to see she’s enjoying her new career to the full as well as spending valuable time with her young family. Not only has Eve achieved so much in such a short space of time, she also been nominated for a Mumpreneur award and she’s become more involved in helping her fellow franchisees market their businesses. It seems that the sky’s the limit for Eve!

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