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Eve Whitmore runs her Kiddleydivey business in Shropshire and Mid Wales

15th October 2014

Eve Whitmore, Shropshire and Mid Wales Kiddleydivey, talks about how easy it was to start her business and about the support that she receives.

Eve Whitmore, Shropshire and Mid Wales Kiddleydivey, talks about how easy it was to start her business and about the support that she receives.

Setting up the Kiddleydivey franchise was incredibly easy! I had a couple of conversations with Sally and then I arranged to go and meet her to watch a session in practice. This was really important for a few reasons; I was able to meet Sally and gain the confidence that she would be able to support me in future, I was also able to understand what was involved with a Kiddleydivey session which gave me the confidence to believe that it was something that I would be good at.

Kiddleydivey - Eve WhitmoreI went home and did some research locally to see how many homes were in my area and I also picked a few at random to sound them out. Everyone I spoke to was at least willing to allow me in to provide a free session and I knew that with a foot in the door, once they had seen a Kiddleydivey session in practice we would be hard to turn away.

I told Sally that I was keen to get started and so she forwarded me the contract and happily went back and forth with me over any points I needed clarifying. The next thing was to go down and spend the week with Sally getting my training. The training week was invaluable. Not only did Sally teach me the aspects of the day to day running of the business, the sessions, the music and the theory but she gave me the confidence that I too would be a Kiddleydivey success.

When I got back home Sally made me feel like I was part of the Kiddleydivey family and I never felt out of sight, out of mind. We still talk regularly and text or email a couple of times a week. Sally is always there when I have any queries about any aspect of the business or if I need to pick her brains.

Every single home I rang was willing to allow me to offer them a free trial session. In my first two months I saw 52 homes each with a free trial. To date 41 separate homes have arranged for me to come back in and they are split pretty evenly between booking either monthly, bi-monthly or on an adhoc basis.

I believe that the effort put into those 2 months, seeing as many homes as possible is a major factor in my success. Sally always said that she had an exceptionally high conversion rate from her free trials but I was concerned that I (with my complete lack of experience) would do far worse. I my head I had though "if I achieve a 50% conversion rate then I’m doing great" and instead I am hovering nearer to 90%. Interestingly the ones who have said no aren't saying "no never" they are just saying "not this side of Christmas".

I am so thrilled with how the business is running and by March I expect to have visited all of the homes in my area. In fact, if I keep up the current conversion rate and splits of monthly versus bi-monthly versus adhoc I won’t physically be able to meet demand without taking on a member of staff!

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I wanted to be able to do the school run every morning and most evenings. I wanted to be able to work 3-4 days a week so that I would still have time to spend with my children. I knew how much money I would need to earn every month and Kiddleydivey lets me achieve that,

Eve Whitmore, franchisee since 2014

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