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YB 12 Coach Intoduce Paul Snell and Ezrin Raja

18th August 2016

Paul Snell and Ezrin Raja talk about why they chose to join YB 12 Coach.

Paul Snell and Ezrin Raja talk about why they chose to join YB 12 Coach.

YB 12 Coach - Paul Snell and Ezrin RajaPaul Snell

I had spent a considerable amount of time looking for a partner or 'franchise' in this industry, after researching a number of options I felt that the YB 12 recruitment approach was far much more welcoming, supportive and knowledgeable, even during my initial conversation with my Master Coach, than any of the other options I had looked at.

Without question, the support, training and encouragement I have received since becoming a YB 12 coach has hugely exceeded my expectations and I can’t recommend it enough. In a career spanning 30 years its without question the best business and career decision I have ever made.

Ezrin Raja

YB 12 Coach - Paul Snell and Ezrin RajaIt has been around 3 months since I started as a YB 12 Coach. Time has flown by, to say the least.

It was always my goal to at least add one client a month and so far I have achieved that and will continue to do so. So here's my story about the car dealership.

I am a car fanatic (as is probably every other man on this earth) and the idea of pursuing luxury car dealerships started at the end of May. My initial process was to request to test drive the cars and when asked what I do as a job, that is when I go for the pitch. At the beginning, I was finding this a very difficult process to follow. We were at a point where both of us (dealer and me) were trying to 'sell' our product.

It did come to a point where I started to doubt myself and also doubted the process and the system. However, I told myself that I will give myself 3 months at least to do all I can to get the deal.

I then thought of the idea of going for the top of the range car dealership with this in mind that if they open their doors to me, the other car dealerships will begin to open their doors. A testimonial from HR Owen (THE top dealership in the UK) would be priceless.

After doing some research into the company, I found out that they have just appointed a new CEO three years ago and have only been bought over by a Malaysian businessman in October 2013.
Seeing that I am also a Malaysian, I used this as an advantage for me to build rapport with the owner. After a bit of more researching, I managed to connect with the owner and had at least 3 telephone conversations before he gave me the name and number to his CEO here. I literally did the whole KNP over the phone to the owner.

I then rang the CEO and requested to see him to do the KNP. He pushed me away for a couple of weeks but my persistence paid off.

I had never felt so nervous about doing a presentation before but did it with confidence. At the end of the presentation, his exact words were, 'YES, I'll take you on'.

They will trial me with one of their dealerships first. The CEO is a very results driven person. So he said that when he sees results from this first dealership in a couple of months, he will appoint me another one or two to work with. He has 14 dealerships in total! WOW!

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As a YB 12 Coach you will experience the best of both worlds, all the benefits of running your own business but with the support of a Master Coach and your peers. You'll be backed by a company with over 20 years experience in personal development and coaching. Consider that you'll be in business for yourself but not by yourself

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John and his team have done a great job in creating the YB 12 program. I would recommend this coaching program for anyone who is just starting out or wanting more support in their current coaching business.

Aileene Koh

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