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Introducing Lesley Riley from Maid2Clean in Halifax

5th February 2016

Lesley Riley talks to us about her Maid2Clean business in Halifax and her plans for the future

Lesley Riley talks to us about her Maid2Clean business in Halifax and her plans for the future.

Lesley Riley - HalifaxWhat I did before taking up a franchise

Before I took up this Franchise I had a medium sized cafe. I realised early into this that this was not my calling and sold the business on.

Why I chose franchising

I was undecided where I wanted to go with regards to work and happened to speak to a friend of a friend who did this type of thing with another franchise. It gave me food for thought so I went home, got on the internet and contacted 7 or 8 cleaning franchises.

How I decided that this was the right franchise for me

After speaking at length to numerous franchise companies and visiting 3 of them Maid2Clean was by far the one that suited my way of thinking. Mike’s (the Franchisor) philosophy was work smart not hard. I liked his set up, there was no hand holding or mollycoddling, you were given the tools and information and left to get on with it. Best way to learn any business.

How I raised the finance

I first raised the cash by upping the mortgage on my house to buy my cafe, once the cafe was sold the money was then used to buy the franchise.

The training and support I receive from my franchisor

The training I received was second to none. There is always support at the end of the telephone and you can also get support on the forum from other franchisees.

The challenges I have faced

I think the biggest challenge is keeping good cleaners. I have been very lucky and have in the main got a good bunch of cleaning ladies that have proven to be reliable and dependable. Setting up systems on the computer were often challenging but once up and running they make life so easy. Now all my cleaner applications come through online so they can be sifted through and only the ones with the criteria required are interviewed.

My plans for the future

I am planning this year to grow my business at a faster rate. I spent last year building it up slowly so that any problems could be ironed out in the early stages without too many issues. Now I am fully aware of things that can go wrong and how to deal with them I am ready to move forward and start seriously putting leaflets out there to grow my business (as soon as funds allow).

My comments about my franchisor

Mike my Franchisor is very approachable, he is on the ball and is constantly seeking new ways to grow the business. Any problems and he is generally at the end of the telephone to help out and give advice. He is also not bad on the eye!!!

What I would say to others before they take the leap of faith in becoming Maid2Clean to do what I did

Do your research, speak to other franchises and franchisees and I am sure you will come to the same conclusion Maid2Clean has got it right. Best thing I have ever done. Wish I had done it years ago.

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Maid2Clean Training is conducted in 4 phases. 1. Read & complete the pre-launch to dos in the 450 page Maid2Clean® operations manual. 2. Process Training at Head Office 3. Operations Training at our Centre in Nuneaton 4. Post Launch training at Franchisees Premises PLUS unlimited follow-up training if necessary

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The only regret I have is that I did not do it a few years earlier.

Paul Daley - Maid2Clean North Staffs

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