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Introducing Judith Matheson from Maid2Clean Bourne

13th June 2016

Judith Matheson talks about a starting her businss and a year with Maid2Clean

Judith Matheson talks about a starting her businss and a year with Maid2Clean.

Maid2Clean - Judith MathesonWhat I did before taking up a franchise

Before deciding to leap into the unknown by buying a Maid2Clean Franchise, I was a Student Support Officer/Behaviour Manager in a secondary school dealing with the behavioural and pastoral support and counselling of all the students (and staff!).

The people skills I had honed to perfection over the eighteen years in various schools stood me in good stead for dealing with clients and cleaners. Neither are too far removed from naughty teenagers when it comes to throwing a tantrum!

Why I chose franchising

Unfortunately, the school I was working at closed and I found myself redundant at 60. Having no wish to retire, I set about applying for similar roles at other schools, only to find I could not even reach the interview stage and seeing younger, less qualified colleagues slip into these jobs.

How I decided that this was the right franchise for me

The obvious solution was to start out on my own and firstly I looked at setting up as a freelance behaviour management consultant, parachuting into schools and working with staff and children to put a structured and workable behaviour policy in place.

Never one to put all my eggs in one basket, I also looked at other self-employed options, which led me naturally to franchises.

It was a chance call from Ian Gregory in his role of franchisee recruitment consultant which set me on the track of Maid2Clean. At first I had no intention of following through with a cold call but the fact that his service was free and he would carry out profiling to find out what type of person I was and which franchise would suit me best. Like everyone else in the world, I like knowing other people’s opinions of me, at this stage I had nothing to lose.

After an in depth analysis of my strengths and weaknesses, Ian offered me several franchise options besides M2C including a similar style of business placing teachers with extra tuition students which I would have felt very comfortable with but I felt it was such a specialised market, returns would be slow – besides which, it was twice the price of M2C, a vital consideration!

Also, I had been a recruitment consultant many years ago and M2C had enough similarities in this area for me not to feel I would be out of my depth.

How I raised the finance

Luckily I was given a generous redundancy package – one of the few advantages of working for the County Council. This would enable me not only to purchase the franchise but also leave some extra advertising budget and living expenses for my first year.

The training and support I receive from my franchisor

Training and support is one of the main reasons to choose a franchise over total freelance businesses and this has certainly proved to be top notch.

The initial training was thorough and well structured with plenty of encouragement and practical advice. At no time was there any hard push techniques, just gentle nudging forward, a style of delivery which suited me admirably.

During my first year, the support and advice has been excellent. No small question or problem is too much trouble. Help is on hand when needed or asked for but again, franchisees are allowed to get on and operate their businesses without interference.

Franchisees also have the help and support of other franchisees on the forum, which although I do not use as much as I should, I do go to for a consensus of opinion on day to day running matters.

The challenges I have faced

It has been quite a challenge working for myself and I have to admit there are times when I wonder how on earth I got here but never a time when I have regretted the journey.

Trying to make sure I don’t make expensive mistakes, most notably with advertising is always a big issue. Trying to find good cleaners and also the seasonal trend of clients cancelling always keeps me on my toes.

I have had a few awkward clients but it has not seemed so bad when I phone for support and advice – thanks Mike and Graeme!

My plans for the future

Aah! This is when I wish I was younger – sometimes I forget how old I am. With my sensible hat on, my short term goal is to continue to build my business and reach my century.

If I was younger, then I would be working towards saving up for a second franchise – Maid2Clean Northumberland would be my first choice as it’s my home.

My comments about my franchisor

I have probably said quite a lot in this article about how grateful I am for the support I have received this year. I certainly would not have had the confidence to go it alone but Mike's unbounded enthusiasm for the business model and his plans for expansion are infectious – how can we fail!

What I would say to others before they take the leap of faith in becoming Maid2Clean to do what I did.

Research, research, research.

Make sure the business model is the right one for you. Ask yourself “Can I motivate myself to getup in the morning and make myself work hard at home with no-one to shout at me if I don’t knuckle down (not until you turn in poor figures at the end of the month).

Communication is the key to all areas of this franchise – with clients, with cleaners and most importantly, with your franchisor.

Take time and trouble with the people you meet in work and out – every conversation is a potential advertising opportunity.

Most of all – enjoy it!

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