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Introducing Fiona Price from Maid2Clean Armagh and Down

11th April 2016

Fiona Price talks to us about her Maid2Clean business in Armagh and Down

Fiona Price talks to us about her Maid2Clean business in Armagh and Down

Maid2Clean - Fiona PriceWhat I did before taking up a franchise

Franchise consultant and Corporate Execututive.

Why I chose franchising

Independance and control of my business and life balance. Being able to put skills into play that were otherwise undermined in Corporate life! Avoiding company politics.

How I decided that this was the right franchise for me

I trusted the Business owner namely Mike Hanrahan. I liked his no nonsence approach. I also fully understood the simplicity of the business model and felt it suited my needs for a residual income business.

How I raised the finance

Self financed.

The training and support I receive from my franchisor

All training initially means little until it is put into practice. The initial overview was relevant for my needs and allowed me to make a quick start to earning income which is key in this model. However, the manuals and guidelines on what was appropriate for the administration were over combersome as a lot of it had moved to on-line CRM activity - thankfully!

The challenges I have faced

Vetting the cleaners is a skill and knowing what to look for is very important. I learned quickly that good cleaners are the cornerstone to the business and client retention. Also, accepting that you will never please all of your clients all of the time!

My plans for the future

I've grown to appreciate this business and what it offers to the cleaners and clients. It is truly a business where you can 'give back' and receive for your efforts. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon!

My comments about my franchisor

Mike Hanarahan is a gentleman, loyal, honest, frank, an astute business man, very hardworking and supportive at whatever level the franchisee needs it. He is not pushy as he understands when he chooses you as a Franchisee that he has made the right call for his business so working independantly under the umbrella of a Franchise model really resides with Maid2Clean. Continious support is on offer and can be availed of as needs be.

What I would say to others before they take the leap of faith in becoming Maid2Clean to do what I did.

If you are prepared to work at your business and follow the guidelines as laid out by the Franchise and the business model, then you are in good hands and can be comforted in knowing that you are making a great business decision.

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Maid2Clean Franchise

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Franchise Information

BFA Membership Status
UK Years Established
19 years
Current UK Coverage
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Home-based business location Home-based business location
Business to consumer services Business to consumer services
Franchisee employs and manages staff Franchisee employs and manages staff

Why Choose Us?

Maid2Clean has No staff overhead costs, No cleaner overalls to provide, No expensive cleaning equipment to buy, No cleaning materials to buy, No transportation of cleaners or equipment from 1 job to another, No third parties involved – learn the business directly from the franchisor, No cash flow problems – clients pay in advance of the cleans, No van purchase/hire costs, No invoicing or cash collections, No need to ever meet a client, No dependency on highly skilled staff

What Our Franchisees Say

The only regret I have is that I did not do it a few years earlier.

Paul Daley - Maid2Clean North Staffs

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